Theme Parks Get A Change After Pandemic

The theme parks are to get a grand opening in the summer when the pandemic restrictions have been taken down across several countries. The theme parks are embarking on technology of the high tech to make sure that the reopening is grand and this is also proven to be popular among the spectators.

That’s according to a new study by technology developer Oracle Food and Beverage and Merlin Entertainments, operator of nine Legoland parks worldwide, including California, Florida and, after a year’s delay, upstate New York. “The data we have says that people are eager to do this,” said Simon de Montfort Walker, general manager at Oracle Food and Beverage. “The surge of human energy is just remarkable.

Theme Parks Get A Change After Pandemic

“It’s the desire of families to make up for the lost time they had in summer 2020, and the return of leisure travel has probably exceeded most expectations,” he added. “We’ve seen it here, and I expect to see across many other leisure travel business sectors in the U.S.”

“The technology capabilities for which we’ve partnered with Oracle and others, have enabled a better overall guest experience,” Jackson said. “While they may have been initiated and accelerated due to Covid from a health and safety perspective, we’re seeing they’re improvements to the guest experience that we intend to keep moving forward.”

“The more time we can reduce your … waiting for something — be it a ride or a food-and-beverage offering — that leaves you more time to experience all the attractions we have in the resort, your day is going to be that much better,” said Jackson, noting Legoland Florida has gotten initial positive response from guests about, for example, virtual queues.

Tech also helps things flow smoother for both operators and visitors, making it a win-win, de Montfort Walker added. “A lot of the work we’re doing is increasing effective utilization so we’re able to get more throughput through food-and-beverage outlets, attractions and so forth by managing the flow much better.”