The University of Oxford had shared its point of view on the omicron variant of the coronavirus. They have made it very clear in their statement. It is kind of a relief, to be honest, to hear them say this.

They have stated that there is no proof that the vaccine might be ineffective against the omicron variant of the coronavirus. Does that not sound like music to your ears? There are many people who were worried out of their mind (us included) about this new variant of the coronavirus that could prove to be more deadly and more infectious than the delta variant.

The University of Oxford on Omicron

“Despite the appearance of new variants over the past year, vaccines have continued to provide very high levels of protection against severe disease and there is no evidence so far that omicron is any different,” a University of Oxford spokesperson told Fox News in an email. “However, we have the necessary tools and processes in place for rapid development of an updated COVID-19 vaccine if it should be necessary.”

The spokesperson had also said that the people are not well aware of the effects of this variant either because of the fact that it had just been recently found and the research on it is not yet complete.

Unless and until there is conclusive proof that the omicron variant of the coronavirus can withstand the vaccine and the immunity created by it, we can not just assume things. That is all that we have for now. We hope that after reading this news you would be at ease a little bit. Take care of yourself guys.