The Sea of Thieves Services are Temporarily Unavailable

The server for the game is typically to blame for “The Sea of Thieves Services is Temporarily Unavailable” errors. Users won’t be able to start the game when the server is down or the network connection is bad.

Additionally, the game files occasionally crash or the frame rate is sluggish. The error is brought on by the computer’s struggle to support the game, which prevents it from launching.

The Sea of Thieves Services are Temporarily Unavailable

The “sea of thieve services is temporarily unavailable” error can happen for the following reasons;

  • Poor Internet Connection: Video games demand a quick internet connection. They also have a particular bandwidth. Therefore, users experience this problem if the connection is slow. By using Ethernet cables, switching to a VPN, resetting the router, and clearing the DNS, you can resolve this problem.
  • Low FPS: This lowers the game’s effectiveness. It gives players less time to respond to game changes. When the frame rate is low, game events like gunfire take longer to signal to you. The graphics are also impacted. The error message The Sea of Thieves Services is Temporarily Unavailable appears when the game is slowed down. ”
  • Crashing game files: There are several possibilities for this to happen when we install or download a game onto our computer. Bugs, slower internet connections, or the presence of third-party software are the usual causes. You can check the integrity of the game’s files and resolve this problem.
  • DNS Cache: The DNS cache may make it difficult to access the game’s website. With time, the DNS cache gets full. The DNS needs to be cleared or flushed. The networks are reset, and the game’s performance is adjusted.

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Method 1: Sign Out and Sign in From the Game.

The “The Sea of Thieves Services is Temporarily Unavailable” error typically appears when there is a communication issue between the Xbox game and the account.

This error can be quickly and easily fixed. You can therefore fix it by simply taking these actions;

  1. Launch Sea Thieves from the Steam library.
  2. Click the sign-out button now. then select “start game.”
  3. The Microsoft Authenticator login dialogue box will appear. Log into the account after adding the credentials.
  4. You’ll be directed to your Xbox account. Therefore, select Let’s Go.
  5. You’ll automatically return to the game. Now there are no longer any issues with playing the game.

Method 2: Use the Ethernet Cable.

If the problem persists, you can try using Ethernet cable. Better bandwidth is required for PC games. There may be connection problems if you play the game over Wi-Fi.

You can use Ethernet Cable in this situation. because it is quicker and more stable. After that, you can easily start the game.

Method 3: Reset the DNS

On occasion, DNS problems occur when playing Sea Thieves games on your computer. The game does not have internet access. However, if you clear your DNS, your system’s network will be reset.

Invalid or outdated addresses can also be removed by flushing the DNS. Furthermore, it won’t have any impact whatsoever on your system. Consequently, the following steps will assist you in flushing the DNS:

  1. Type Command Prompt into the Start Menu.
  2. Choose Run as Administrator from the context menu when you right-click the command prompt application.
  3. Next, enter the command by typing it and pressing Enter.



  1. Restart your computer and start the game again.

Method 4: The Router, Reset

When the internet service is sluggish or unavailable, the message “The sea of thieve services is temporarily unavailable” appears.

The IP address, which might be a contender for the origin’s life, will change or be reset when the router is reset. As a result, you can restart the game after clicking the button to reset it.  Additionally, you can change to a VPN or alter the server’s location. It can also resolve the problem.

Method 5: Checking the Game’s Integrity

The third-party software or a bad internet connection can crash or lose some files when you download the game to your computer.

The updates also don’t set up correctly. It leads to this mistake. Therefore, quickly resolving the problem will be confirming the games’ integrity. Here are some procedures to check the game’s files for consistency:

  1. Right-click the Sea of Thieves icon in the Steam app.
  2. Click on the Local Files and then select the properties.
  3. Next, select Check the Game’s Integrity. Repairing the files will take some time.
  4. Launch the game once more to see if the issue has been resolved.

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Method 6: Reactivate the Xbox Game Settings to Increase FPS

When the frame rate per second (FPS) is low, the game’s performance slows down and your computer has a harder time keeping up with it. As a result, the game runs more slowly and encounters an unavailability error.

As the Sea Thieves game is linked to Xbox, activating the Xbox game will increase FPS. Consequently, implement these steps sequentially to raise FPS;

  1. Search for the Xbox Game in the Start Menu.
  2. Launch the Xbox game, then select the Settings menu item.
  3. Choose Account, then select the option to unlink. It will turn off the Xbox and Steam games.
  4. Select the Sign-out option next. Put the Xbox game away.
  5. Exit the Sea Thieves games as well.
  6. Open the Xbox game, select Accounts, and then click Sign in to reactivate it.
  7. Go back to Steam and start the game once more. When prompted to link your account with Xbox, select Yes to proceed. It will result in a connection error otherwise.
  8. Relaunch the game to see if the issue has been resolved.