The “The Ordinal 43 Could not be Located” issue typically occurs after installing a new operating system or after updating Windows.

The lack of installation of the Games for Windows Live programme is one of the most frequent causes. The game must function properly even though the programme is out of date. Furthermore, the error message implies that a DLL file is missing, so you might want to search for it on your computer.

The Ordinal 43 Could not be Located in The Dynamic Link Library

Why Does it Say that Order 43 Could not be Found?

  • Not installed Games for Windows Live – If you don’t already have Games for Windows Live installed, you should do so right away because the game was created to work with it.
  • The xlive.dll file is missing, as indicated by the error message, so you should download it and put it in the game’s installation folder.
  • Older drivers should be installed in order to fix the issue with new drivers, which appear to be incompatible with the game.

How to Fix the Not Found Ordinal 43?

Fix Damaged Files

To scan and recover corrupt and missing files, download and run Restoro from this page. After that, continue with the following solutions.

Solution 1: Install Games for Windows Live.

Games for Windows Live must be installed in order to fix this issue. Since the game is a little older, many users no longer have it installed, and it hasn’t received any updates in a while. Although Windows 10 does not officially support the programme, you only need it for the problematic.dll file. Follow the below instructions to download and install it!

  1. To begin the download of Games for Windows Live, click to open this link. Keep in mind that as soon as you click the link, the download will begin. After finding the file in the Downloads folder, double-click it.
  2. Before you can begin the installation, it will first download the required files, which take up about 30 MB. Wait patiently for the installation and download to finish.
  3. The xlive.dll file should now be present on your computer, so you won’t need to run the tool to stop the “The ordinal 43 could not be located” error from appearing after starting the game.

Solution 2: Download the Missing DLL File

If the aforementioned approach didn’t yield the desired outcomes, you should definitely try this approach. The concept is quite straightforward:

since the error message suggests that a specific.dll file is absent from your computer, you can just download it from the Internet and add it to the folder where your game is installed. To test out this strategy, adhere to the steps we have outlined below!

  1. To access a website where you can download the dll file. To see all of the versions that are offered, scroll down. The version with the Games for Windows – LIVE DLL description is the one we advise you to select.
  2. Wait five seconds after clicking the Download button in the same row before continuing. The zip file can be found in your Downloads folder; simply right-click it and choose to extract it there.
  3. Now, an xlive.dll file ought to be visible. Select the Copy option from the context menu that appears when you right-click it.
  4. Anyway, it’s time to find the installation folder for your game. If you installed the game using the Steam client, open it up, go to the Library tab at the top of the Steam window, and look for Fallout 3 in the list of games you have purchased with your Steam account.
  5. Select the Properties option from the context menu that appears when you right-click the Fallout 3 entry in the list. Click the Browse Local Files button in the Properties window’s Local Files tab. Additionally, C >> Program Files (x86) >> Steam >> steamapps >> common is the default location for all Steam games.
  6. Locate the game’s shortcut on your Desktop, right-click on it, and select Open file location from the context menu that appears if the game was installed via a DVD. If you didn’t change it, you must manually search for the game’s installation folder (C >> Program Files >> Fallout 3) if it isn’t already there.
  7. Another option is to type “Fallout 3” into the Start menu while it’s open, right-click the game’s entry, and then select the Open file location option from the menu.
  8. In any case, once you’re inside the installation folder, be sure to right-click anywhere and select Paste from the pop-up context menu. The Ctrl + V key combination is another option. Check to see if Fallout 3 is now functioning correctly!

Solution 3: Launch the Game in Windows XP SP3 Compatibility Mode With Administrator Permissions.

Many users have discovered that playing the game in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode fixes the “The ordinal 43 could not be located” error.

This is the case because Fallout 3 is quite outdated and doesn’t really integrate well with more recent Windows versions, like Windows 10. The following step is to run the game as an administrator to guarantee that it functions correctly moving forward.

  1. Find the Fallout3.exe file by navigating to its location. You can use steps 1-4 to navigate to that folder because this is the same location you were in when you copied the.dll file above.
  2. If you have the Desktop shortcut, just right-click it to bring up the context menu, then select Properties. If you don’t have the shortcut, carry out the same procedure with the original Fallout3.exe file.
  3. In the Properties window, select the Compatibility tab and tick the box next to Run this programme as an administrator.

4 Select Windows XP SP3 from the menu and check the box next to the option to run this programme in compatibility mode for under the Compatibility mode section. Accept the changes and leave. The game should now launch with admin privileges going forward.

  1. Make sure you confirm any dialogue options that may appear for you to confirm with admin privileges. Double-click the program’s icon to launch it, then check to see if it functions properly.

Solution 4: Install Outdated Graphics Card Drivers

Fallout 3 has compatibility issues with some newer graphics card drivers. The game is a little dated and only works with older drivers.

Install drivers that were released prior to 2018 as a general rule. Since it might have an impact on other installed games, this is more of a workaround, but it might be your only option.

  1. To choose Device Manager from the list of search results, click the first one after selecting the Start menu button in the lower left corner of your screen. The Windows Key + R keyboard shortcut can also be used to open the Run dialogue box. In the dialogue box, enter “devmgmt.msc” and press OK to launch Device Manager.
  2. Expand the Display Adapters section, right-click your graphics card, and select the Uninstall Device option since you want to update your computer’s display adapter.
  3. Wait for the current graphics device driver to be completely uninstalled after confirming any dialogue boxes or prompts that may appear.
  4. Find your graphics card’s driver on the AMD or NVIDIA websites. Enter the necessary card and operating system information, then click “Search.”
  5. A list of all accessible drivers ought to show up. Select an older entry, click on its name, and then click the Download button. You can install it by saving it to your computer, opening it, and following the on-screen directions. Now check to see if Fallout 3 is operating correctly!