The Night House Review: Mourning Becomes Her

Following up on his 2018 wilderness terror film “The Ritual,” director David Bruckner’s hyper-focused, unnervingly sure follow-up “The Night House” is an eerie experience from start to finish.


The Night House Rating

Burials and screams in the night are included in the R-rating. The movie lasts 1 hour and 48 minutes long. The film is now showing in cinemas.


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The Night House Storyline

Rebecca Hall plays Beth,


a New York schoolteacher whose 14-year-old husband Owen (Evan Jonigkeit) has recently committed suicide. Hall owns every scene she’s in. Beth is now wandering around Owen’s modernist lakeside home, drinking brandy and haunted by the mystery of his death. She reveals to her closest friend (Sarah Goldberg) and coworkers that the only gloom in their marriage was hers, the result of a horrible incident she had years earlier.

Baffling clues emerge from Owen’s belongings. On his phone were images of women that looked like Beth, a suicide note, and architectural designs that appear to invert the arrangement of their home. Her evenings are haunted by eerie sights and sounds, as ethereal shadows loom over her. However, no matter how hard he tries, the kind neighbor (Vondie Curtis-Hall) fails to notice the bloody footsteps trailing behind the couple’s rowboat and going toward their home.

The Night House Review

According to what the script offers as possible explanations for these horrific events – Excessive mourning? Nightmares? Is there a problem with your mind? — While Elisha Christian, the film’s cinematographer, manipulates the home’s mirrored surfaces into shifting puzzle pieces, Bruckner keeps a firm hold on the film’s tone.

However, Hall’s performance in a role that demands her to contort in disconcerting ways makes up for the lack of audacity in the climax. She is fantastic. Hall portrays a lady whose panic and desire have merged as her skin undulates and her throat arches frighteningly backward.

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