The Last Kingdom Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

Game of Thrones is often likened to this world because of its intriguing plots, historical similarities, and jaw-dropping action sequences.

This season’s stories and battles are likely to be even more compelling than the previous ones, making Season 5 even more exciting than its predecessors. Once again, the Netflix show will be based on real-life incidents.

Across four seasons, Netflix’s Stranger Things has captivated audiences with its gripping storylines.


After the fifth season, the show will be done for the time being. Though the show was cancelled, Netflix had announced a feature picture adaptation of Seven Kings Must Die.

The cast and crew of The Last Kingdom Season 5 returned to Hungary in 2022 to begin filming on the cinematic sequel. Newsweek has all the details on Season 5 of Game of Thrones.

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When Is The Last Kingdom Season 5’s Release Date?

Netflix will release The Last Kingdom Season 5 on March 9th, 2022, two years after Season 4 launched.

Typically, new Netflix episodes are made available in the United States at 3:00 am EST (12:03 am PST) and in the United Kingdom at 8:00 am GMT (8:00 am local time).

Because The Last Kingdom is a Netflix original series, it can only be viewed on the service.

Who is in The Last Kingdom Season 5 Cast?

For the fifth season of Netflix’s The Crown, a number of actors from the fourth instalment were back—including Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred, one of the main characters.

Additionally, Eliza Butterworth, who goes by the name of Aelswith, joins him on the adventure as well.

These actors and actresses, some of whom have been on the show since the beginning, round out the ensemble.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Returning Cast 

Playing Brida is the responsibility of Emily Cox.

King is played by Timothy Innes. Edward

Finan is played by Mark Rowley.

Sihtric is Arnas Fedaraviius’ character.

In the role of Osferth, Ewan Mitchell makes a strong impression.

play Millie Brady Aethelflaed

Haesten is portrayed by Jeppe Beck Laursen.

Aethelhelm is portrayed by Adrian Schiller.

Aelflaed is played by Amelia Clarkson.

Stephanie Martini performs as Performer Eadith Eysteinn Sigurarson is from Iceland. Sigtryggr

Patrick Robinson is a professional actor. The Most Rev. Dr. Benedict E.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 New Cast Members 

As Aethelstan, we have actor Harry Gilby.

Ewan Horrocks is a character in the film. Aelfweard

Aelfwynn is portrayed by Phia Saban in the film.

Ingrith is played by Ilona Chevakova.

Rognvaldr is portrayed by Micki Stoltt.

Wolland is played by Jaakko Ohtonen.

Harry Anton portrays Bresal

Eadgifu is Sonya Cassidy’s character.

Is There a Trailer for The Last Kingdom Season 5?

It’s true that on February 9, 2022, Netflix released the trailer for The Last Kingdom Season 5, one month before the new season was set to premiere.

The trailer opens with a look back at England’s Saxon-Dane peace treaty before moving on to King Edward’s goal of uniting the Saxon kingdoms.

The clip makes it abundantly evident that Uhtred is destined for greatness. How do I know what that is? You might have a good reason for doing so.

The future King of England, Aethelstan, is Edward’s illegitimate son, and it is up to the fearsome warrior to keep him safe.

But Lord Aethelhelm, Edward’s second son, has ambitions to rule England through his grandson Aelfweard.

What Will Happen In The Last Kingdom Season 5? 

The following is an excerpt from Netflix’s official synopsis of The Last Kingdom’s upcoming fifth and final season.

Despite the passage of time since the events of the previous season, King Edward continues to pursue his goal of uniting the Saxon Kingdoms in order to realise the dream of his late father.

While there has been peace between the Danes and the Saxons for many years, that peace is now under jeopardy.” A new Danish invasion, as well as a Saxon uprising.

Protecting Edward’s son, Aethelstan, the future King of England, has been given to Uhtred. Lord Aethelhelm, on the other hand, wants his grandson, Edward’s other son, Aelfweard, to rule.”

How Many Episodes are in The Last Kingdom Season 5?

In The Last Kingdom, Alexander Dreymon portrays Uhtred of Bebbanburg. There are a total of ten episodes in The Last Kingdom season 5.

A total of eight episodes aired in each of the first two seasons. Seasons three through five, which aired on Netflix, had a total of 10 episodes each.

There are a total of 46 episodes in the series, not including the planned film.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Plot 

Carnival films offered a summary for The Last Kingdom when the show was renewed for a fifth season, stating: “The fifth instalment will see Uhtred realise his destiny is related to the future of England itself.

Uhtred’s desire will rise to a new level when he is tasked with training King Edward’s first-born son, Aethelstan, as a warrior.

Despite this, Uhtred must overcome his greatest adversary and endure the greatest loss in order to fulfil his destiny.”

No doubt, fans will be worried about who or what Uhtred could lose in the upcoming season.

With possibilities ranging from offspring Young Uhtred and Stiorra to a trusted friend like Finan or Sihtric.

As Eliza Butterworth teased during The Last Kingdom’s London MCM Comic-Con panel, she described her recovering Lady Aelswith and new comrade Eadith as an unexpected new combo to watch out for.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 Trailer 

Showing Uhtred’s return to his hometown Bebbanburg to face destiny and recover his land, the first trailer for The Last Kingdom season 5 has been released.

We also get a peek of Brida (Emily Cox), who is now heading a formidable army of warriors in an endeavour to avenge Uhtred’s death..

In season 5, Uhtred is expected to endure “immeasurable grief,” and this clip hints at what that loss might be, implying that his own son may be one of the first Brida victims.

Young Uhtred (Finn Elliot) stumbles toward his father, with a voiceover stating “destiny is harsh” later in the footage.

The Last Kingdom movie confirmed: Seven Kings Must Die

At a London MCM Comic-Con event in October 2021, Alexander Dreymon, star of The Last Kingdom, stated a follow-up movie would complete the epic trilogy.

Bernard Cornwell had written eleven books at the time of filming, and the show was constructed so that season 5 would always be the final season, he said.

We’ve been discussing the possibility of extending our contract for a time now since it felt like it couldn’t exactly be the end,” he said.

Following the success of the first season, Netflix and the show’s creators have chosen to collaborate on a special that will be a film adaptation of the series. The project will begin filming in the new year.

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Once again, The Last Kingdom fans are expressing their enthusiasm for a binge-watch premiere of the show’s final season, which is now accessible to watch on Netflix in its entirety.

It’s no secret that BBC Radio 2 breakfast DJ Zoe Ball is a huge fan of Bernard Cornwell’s historical epic, and she recently discussed it on her broadcast.