The Effects of CBD For Dogs

Nowadays, the Cannabidiol compound is not only needed by humans but also animals, especially pets (read more). Pet owners and veterinarians start giving this product to treat and prevent certain health problems. Yet, how does it work? Here is the explanation.


What is CBD?

Standing for Cannabidiol, CBD products are derived from certain varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant. The plant is processed into several forms such as oils, medications, edibles, lotions, and more. Those products are well-known because of Cannabidiol compounds that carry health benefits and are low at 0.3% or even zero content of THC.

The Effects of CBD For Dogs

In humans, THC is the cause of high and addiction, but cannabidiol brings relieving pain and calming effects. The effects are most likely similar to dogs. However, unlike varied products for humans, most of the products for dogs are only edibles, medications, and oils. The use also must be under veterinarian care.

The Dosage

Just like with any medication, there is proper dosage for cannabidiol as well. As the medicines must be given by a veterinarian, CBD oil for dogs and supplements are still safe to be given in certain doses. Dr. Robert Silver recommends a dose of 0.05 – 0.25 mg per pound of dog body weight twice a day.

The suggestion is in mg measurement, so pet owners must be aware of the concentration in the label. She also suggests to giver lower doses from the beginning and only increasing when the effects seem ineffective.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits of CBD For Dogs

Similar to humans, CBD could treat several syndromes and symptoms. In dogs, here are some health problems that can be treated by cannabidiol:

1. Seizures And Epilepsy

This case also applies to humans. The frequency, duration, and severity of seizures can be reduced by CBD treatment. While the common medications for seizures on dogs are antiepileptic drugs like potassium bromide or phenobarbital, those medications are harmful to the dogs’ organs. In contrast, CBD is a safer medical option without any detrimental side effects to the organs.

2. Cancer And Its Symptoms

A mice test in 2018 showed that the CBD treatment given to mice pancreatic cancer increased the mice’s life expectancy. Another research also demonstrated that CBD slowed the growth of cancer cells and strengthened the immune system to fight the cancer cells. Combined with other medications, cannabidiol enhances cancer treatment effectively.

3. Joint Problems

This problem causes severe pain due to the inflammation of the muscle or the joint itself. Prescriptions like NSAIDs and Gabapentin could help to relieve the pain but not with the problem. Cannabidiol, with its anti-inflammatory properties, relieves the pain as well as cures the inflammation.

4. Digestion Problems

Nausea and upset stomachs also happen to dogs. While they occur, giving CBD oil relaxes the stomach muscle and cures the problems.

5. Anti-Inflammation

Some accidents might cause pain to dogs. Giving cannabidiol oil as an additional first aid could soothe the pain. For internal inflammation, CBD medication will help.

6. Phobias

Not only humans but dogs also suffer phobias like nose phobia, fear, aggression, and anxiety. CBD oil for dogs gives the calming effect of cannabidiol that helps to relax the stressed neuron. Giving the oil could be done daily or while the phobias start to strike.

7. Allergies

Allergies on dogs usually come in a rash on the skin. Adding CBD oil to the water while bathing could soothe the itchy feeling and relieve the rash.

Possible Side Effects And Potential Risks

Despite the positive benefits on dogs’ health, giving CBD oil frequently or giving a high dosage could cause some side effects such as:

Decreasing saliva production: dogs tend to have dry mouths and increased thirst.

Low blood pressure: in many cases, a sudden blood pressure drop usually happens right after getting a high dosage.

Light-headedness: this side effect is caused by the low blood pressure effect. This side effect could be prevented if the low blood pressure is directly treated.

Drowsiness: after getting calmed from taking CBD, some dogs suffer drowsiness, specifically when the dose is higher. Besides the effects above, more side effects are discussed on this site:

Tips To Choose The Right Products

As there are dozens of CBD products for pets, pet owners must be careful in choosing the right and healthy one for their pets. To get the best quality, here are several things to consider before buying one:

1. Prefer The Broad Or Full-Spectrum One

Among three types of Cannabidiol products, isolate CBD is the purest one without other compounds. Meanwhile, other additional cannabinoids like CBG and CBC also bring health benefits like anti-inflammation, anti-cancer, and improving brain cells. Those additional benefits will not be found in the isolated kind.

2. Choose The Organic One

The cannabis plant might contain pesticides and heavy metals because the plant itself is a natural soil remediator that absorbs any heavy metals in the soil. Pesticides and metals are harmful to dogs. Therefore, the organic one is the only option to prevent the condition.

3. Check The Certificate Of Analysis And THC Level

COA (certificate of analysis) is needed to guarantee the ‘claimed’ ingredients by the brand with the third-party analysis. Make sure that any components and their percentage stated in the label match with the COA. Then make sure that there is THC because it is toxic to animals.

4. Good Reviews

Last but not least, reviews could give some insight into the product and how the product will affect your dogs. The reviews should cover the quality, effect, and even the customer service.

Cautions On CBD Usage For Dogs

  1. Give the right dosage.
  2. Consult the vet first.
  3. Do not give with other medications such as steroids, NSAIDs, kidney medication, heart medication, and more.
  4. Stop if there are any complications.