The Board Portal Buyer’s Guide

Those individuals who are really interested in board portals might come across lots of challenges when choosing the right solution. They might want one particular feature or a certain pricing policy. And, it requires a huge amount of research. This guide will introduce all the interested buyers to the main things to know about board portals and help you determine which one you need exactly.


What Is a Board Portal?

If you are unfamiliar with board portal software, it is similar to a web application that executives and directors utilize to execute their duties for an organization’s board of directors. When you log in, you actually encounter everything you need for an effective board meeting in one spot.

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A board portal is also known to provide directors with confidential access to previous and present board information. And, it avails all the involved tools that help administrators prepare for board meetings and execute their committee operations. Finally, these effective solutions also facilitate information flow to and among busy board members. It concerns even the events while they are on the go. Sounds interesting? If you want to check the best board portals, you may visit

What to Consider with Board Portals?

To ensure you get the best product from a vendor, there is a set of criteria or features to have with the board portal. Below, you may learn what to ask the vendor about to receive your software.

#1 Breaches

Although breaches are not uncommon, boards should search for suppliers whose board portal software has never been successfully compromised. If a vendor’s platform has been compromised, ensure that they are open and honest with clients and that they offer frequent updates on what information has been compromised.

Furthermore, they should be willing to share how they are always improving their security in order to best secure boards’ investments and the sensitive information that boards will be held within their platform. A vendor’s security measures should be transparent, with enough details on the mechanisms in place.

#2 Penetration Testing

Penetration testing should be performed on a regular basis at all levels. If a board meeting software vendor follows best practices, it will do a complete penetration test at least once a year and automated application penetration testing at least once a month. Besides, vulnerability examining ought to be performed one time per week. Boards may likewise consider mentioning an exhaustive security evaluation to guarantee that their frameworks are protected.

# 3 Independent Audits

The current service organization standard controls reports are SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 – a prerequisite for any technology provider managing sensitive information. Outstanding virtual boardroom vendors will additionally have ISO 27001 certification. All of those letters and numbers indicate that the vendor is employing a stringent technique for information security that is focused on controlling a plethora of measures, ranging from firewalls and virus management to legal protection and physical security.

A client’s information ought to be safeguarded with no less than 128-bit encryption at the data center, on the way, and on clients’ gadgets. Every client ought to have their own arrangement of keys to protect their information.

#4 Online vs. Offline Security

Other applications just permit clients to get to PDF records while they are disconnected, which can be all the more effectively hacked or, in certain conditions, erased out and out from the application, taking a risk with the security of these reports. Notwithstanding where and how clients access the application, your board books ought to be absolutely protected.

#5 Multiple Logins

Numerous chiefs serve on more than one board. A savvy merchant will actually want to give its clients admittance to the board books of their different boards. Admittance to board books across each of their boards is restrictive and accessible provided that different boards on which they sit additionally utilize a similar client. Individuals from the board ought to talk with their chiefs. They will regularly have the option to let you know which board passage they like and how they have viewed it overall.

#6 Update Notes & Pages

Material changes are unavoidable before or during a meeting. A well-designed board document management will enable directors to save their notes even if pages of a published document are altered or erased.

#7 Handling Updates

A working framework overhaul ought not to keep chiefs from getting to their board books. They should look for associations that can make iOS-style and different stages as liquid as could be expected so that the application does not encounter downtime.

#8 Advanced Features

Some vendors do also provide extra features that enable improved governance processes. E-signatures and voting, D&O surveys, board assessments, secure communication, board meeting minutes, and governance insights will all power your board members and board administrators by greater mobility and reduce the amount of work they have to complete. Other features, like note-sharing, can improve cooperation, while global search and a document library can present board members with a wealth of knowledge fast and in one place.

#9 Digital Shredding

A board room software provider should always give its customers the option of totally erasing all user notes and comments, leaving no digital trace. The client should be able to select the time of this wipe, which can be automated or done on-demand. Alternatively, the solution should be adaptable enough to allow for the archiving of user notes if necessary.

#10 Languages

Vendors who service international clientele require a few languages from which consumers may choose for software, training, and support.

Bottom Line

The board software has transformed the way boards generate board books. Board portals significantly save the time corporate secretaries and other staff workers spend developing, assembling, updating, and sending board books. Board portal software cuts the amount of time that boards spend on board books from days to weeks to hours. So, your task is to look with vendors all the above-mentioned features in 2022.