What is TF (TransFlash) Card and How Is It Different From Micro SD?

Memory cards are used to store external media on different devices. There are different kinds of memory cards available in the market from which you can choose any of them which suits best to your needs and the type of device you are using. There are different types of memory cards, but still, TF cards and MicroSD cards are the most popular among them.

Most of the people prefer to choose any of them. A lot of gadgets that require memory cards mainly support both of these cards as both primary and secondary storage. Still, most of the people are confused about which one to choose, which card is best? And which card supports their device? So we have provided you with this article to solve all the issues related to memory cards. Let’s have a look at them.

TF (TransFlash) Card


What Is A TF Card?

First of all, let me tell you something about TF Cards. The TF stands for TransFlash, and it was first launched by SanDisk and Motorola in 2004. It was launched to replace SD cards. I am pretty sure you are aware of SD cards. It is the memory card that is mostly used on devices such as digital cameras which need to have portable storage.

SD cards are so popular amongst users, and they are bulky. TF cards are more compatible and smaller than SD cards. TF cards are also better at preserving the functions provided by SD cards. This card can be used in a digital camera or any device to replace SD cards by using the SD card adapter.

What Is A MicroSD Card?

Now let’s discuss MicroSD cards. These are just TF cards but are known by a different name called MicroSD Card. At the time of the launching of TF cards, MicroSD cards were also released in the market as separate products.

Both the cards support the same standard specs, and both of them are micro in size. SD cards have many similarities with TF cards, but still, TF cards are alone, separate, and non-standardized products. You can say that microSD cards are just TF cards in disguised condition.

TF Card vs. MicroSD Card: What’s The Difference?

TF Card is similar to MicroSD Card, and they share no differences among them. You can pick any of them according to your needs and the type of device you are using or according to your preference.

If you have a TF card available at that moment, but your device is not supportable to it. Suppose you have a smartphone that only supports a microSD card, but you have a TF card, then you can use your TF card in it because of their similarities.


This article was about different types of SD cards. We have provided you with some information about TF cards and MicroSD cards. We have tried to mention all the information about these cards so that you can decide which one to choose and which card is suitable for your kind of device. So, go through the article and find out this information. I hope this article will be helpful for you.