5 Essential Online Teaching Methods Teachers Must Know

The use of online teaching has gradually become accepted. As a result, many online platforms have sprung up to meet the demand for learning outlets. Unlike traditional learning, online teaching takes place on the internet. So, as a student, you do not get to interact physically with your teachers. Rather, you interact with them via various communication media. Therefore, the learning process can sometimes become challenging.

Many online teaching methods have been developed to ensure effective teaching and comprehension. Below are 5 essential online teaching methods teachers must know.

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1.    Flexible Teaching

Flexible learning is a common form of online teaching method. Instructors use technologies like computers and smartphones to administer this type of learning. As a teacher on an online platform, you can apply flexible teaching depending on your students and what you want to achieve. You will want to use a combination of videos and participation exercises when working with a group of students. Doing this is necessary as some students learn using videos.

2.    Classroom Flipping

Traditionally, students are taught a concept before being assessed. Therefore, a student will typically undergo certain hours of learning before being given assignments and other coursework. However, when a teacher decides to flip the classroom, they will reverse the order of learning. As a result, students are asked to learn about a concept before coming to class. In this regard, classroom flipping will mostly involve students reading through learning resources.

Alternatively, an instructor may assign an assignment on a topic before it is taught. In either case, the teachers engage the students regarding the topic when they meet in class. So, this learning arraignment is perfect for online teaching. Students can be given target reading assignments to ignite their curiosity. During online classes, a teacher can ask questions and shed more light on the topic as a whole.

3.    Idea Association

Idea association is another teaching tool that is ideal for online learning. This technique works best for online learning that involves videos and images. As a teacher, you can use idea association to present concepts to students using interrelation between concepts.

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With this technique, you can quickly and efficiently guide students through discussions up to the finals learning conclusions. For most teachers, this technique works well with tech tools, as it ensures engagement. Idea association gives you the best way of unpacking complex topics for easy comprehension. It also works when you present the components of a large project to students.

4.    Self-Learning

If you want students to work hard, you must learn how to ignite their passion. With self-learning techniques, you are sure of pushing your students to learn about things that interest them. However, self-learning in this context does not refer to you allowing students to study at the rate they desire.

Therefore, you will want to guide and provide resources to students that help them select learning paths that suit them. Following this trajectory helps learners invest time learning about a subject.

For example, you can direct students to research a particular topic. However, you will let them decide the angle they want to look at it from. Afterward, you can ask each student to present their findings. Doing this helps you guide them to your learning outcomes quickly.

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5.    Instructional Systems Design

Instructional systems design is a teaching method that is rapidly growing at the moment. It is very popular with online learning. With instruction systems design, a teacher provides learning based on the individual learners’ backgrounds and the goals of the online course. Therefore, the experience of each student becomes valuable to learning the course.

However, using this type of technique requires a few things. Firstly, the experiences of each student must be relevant to the course content. Secondly, the teachers must take time to know each learner. As a result, tests and surveys are administered to students to ensure the right candidates participate in the class.


These practices can make online learning fun and more beneficial to students. As a teacher, your job is to incorporate modern technologies and solutions to make your classes as effective and engaging as possible, so you should definitely give some of these methods a try soon!