T. Pieters Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

T. Pieters and Thomas Detry, both of Belgium, are battling for their nation and are exhibiting early signs of strength.


T. Pieters Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: A Strong GolferĀ 

Detry is in last position with a first-round score of -1, which places him in a tie for 31st place. After one day, that is not a terrible position to be in. There are just sixty competitors, therefore Detry is in the centre of the pack.

T. Pieters Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

T. Pieters does not share this quality. T. Pieters, a strong golfer on the regular circuit, appears to excel at the Olympics. He shot a -6, 65 in the opening round to tie for third place. He is only behind Sepp Straka of Austria (-8) and Jazz Janewattananond of Thailand (-7) after the first day.

It appears that T. Pieters will once again be a handful, as the Belgian star is already in fourth place after the first day. Although there is a great deal of skill close behind, it would not surprise me if the Pieters won a medal in the 2020 Olympics. Expect him to finish strongly over the last three days of the campaign.

After a heartbreaking fourth-place finish in Rio de Janeiro four years ago, despite a final-round score of 65, T. Pieters was initially determined to fight for a medal again.

“That fourth-place finish is still one of the worst disappointments of my career,” he recalled.

“I still feel pain when I think about it. I wouldn’t have cared about the colour of the medal had I simply been able to earn one. It places you in the annals of your nation’s history.”

But then came the pregnancy news.

“It was a terrible coincidence that the kid was born during the Olympics,” he added, before adding with a smile, “But now everything is well.”

Tokyo Games were Postponed For a Year

Due to the COVID-19 controversy, the Tokyo Games were postponed for a year, giving the 28-year-old T. Pieters an opportunity to relax after a hard year on the professional tour.

“It was actually a simple change. It’s great to be at home. I haven’t spent this much time at home since I was… I have no idea… perhaps 12 or 13 years old “T. Pieters remarked.

It’s been wonderful, especially since my partner is pregnant and I’ve been at home with her to support her.

During the lockdown, though, T. Pieters was able to continue practising.

“Because I live in an apartment, I was the only golfer in Belgium who was permitted on the golf course during the two-month lockdown, so I could always go to the course to grab a breath of fresh air and see some green.”

T. Pieters Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Last Words

It was precisely the type of round he had envisioned since his fourth-place result at the 2016 Olympics. Since then, falling short of the podium has served as his primary drive.

“As a small nation, we have won two medals thus far. If you score just one more goal for your nation, you’ll attain legendary status at home,” he explained. “All I desire is a medal.”