Amazing Substitute for Microsoft Outlook- EssentialPIM

When we talk of a comprehensive email program the name that first flashes in our mind is Microsoft Outlook. Be it for professional or personal use, it has truly made its recognition among the users.

Each time the user starts their system MS Outlook is the first thing to launch to show a task planner, emails along calendar all at the same time.

I was also of the same opinion however, I wanted to try something new or you can say I was not able to afford it and wanted an alternative. There are several options for being an email client, however, they do not provide many versatile functions of being a great task manager, setting a daily or weekly schedule, and many more.

I also needed something that could act as my virtual assistant and help me outperform and increase my productivity. There are several options for such software that boasts about their competence when compared to MS Outlook but each one of them comes with its own set of efficiency and cons.

This makes it quite difficult for a layman to make the right decision. Thus, I took the flight and researched for the best alternative on my end and found EssentialPIM to fulfill all the qualities of a worthy organizer and an email client to be a replacement to MS Outlook.

You will get the insight of my research and will find all about this amazing software in this article which will give you enough reasons to replace MS Outlook.


Mail Module


EssentialPIM comes with a striking email module that is backed up by various email exchange protocols such as IMAP, POP3, and Exchange. As per your requirement, you can switch to an online or offline mode in this portable email client.

Due to its superb integration with the rest of the modules, you will find an enhancement in your productivity at work. In case you are a first-time user of this app, you will be redirected to adding a mail account which is a simple and self-explanatory process.

Moreover, the best part is that if you are using multiple accounts you can add all of them as per your preference. The EPIM database offers no upper limit for adding any number of accounts with it.

The users can use either plain text or HTML (rich text format) along with changing the background color to add a pop effect to mail for customization. The user can easily switch between these modes as per their preference.

Phrases used more frequently can be saved as predetermined responses forming the body of the mail and this saves a great deal of time while sending replies or composing new emails. Mail settings can be altered by choosing the auto numbering feature for replies or auto-saving time for creating draft messages, etc.

Mails can be easily filtered by using a variety of fields like To, From, Tags, Subject, body, etc. Moreover, various colorful categories can be used for grouping mails so they can be sorted out later on giving you ease on a busy day.

All your multiple mail accounts can be checked at one place EssentialPIM, where with a right-click on any item you can check all the properties related to the general account. This information includes the account name, the total number of messages, the size of the disk, and the quota of the usage.

The auto-archive mode allows you to structure your email management by de-cluttering the email folders and catering to older messages.

Contacts Module


Along with editing and storing contacts EssentialPIM also assists well with its amazingly powerful filters that ensure the safety of all your records as well. There are various custom fields to store even the minute details of your contact.


As soon as all the contacts are saved they can be easily synchronized with multiple devices including Android devices iOS and Google as well. This EssentialPIM gives you on-the-go access to your contacts.

Tasks Module

If you juggle between multiple tasks during the day and wish to set them as per priority or according to hierarchy, EssentialPIM lets you do so with its Task Module. As soon as the task gets completed you can either opt for the time for their auto deletion or let them on their own.

The start and end date of any task can be set as per your schedule along with the reminders so that they can be adhered to on time. EssentialPIM offers you an inventive floating task option to keep the unfinished tasks in check.

In case you are not able to complete them on time they automatically shift to the next day seamlessly without interfering with your daily schedule. To stop them from floating you need to complete them. Additionally, the Kanban Board allows the tasks to be used as cards to be managed by monitoring their stages of completion.

Notes Module

The Notes module is more of an advanced text editor that can be used for storing your usage data. Being properly organized this information can be easily retrieved as desired. The data stored in the Notes section can be converted to Task or Appointment as necessary by the user.

Editing options like underline, bold, italics font style, size alignment, text highlight color, superscript, subscript, etc. are available to transform your saved text into professional information.

If you wish you can also create sticky notes and make them available on your desktop screen to remind you of any urgent tasks. This works as a reminder as it will be right in front of you and will be hard to ignore.

The Anchor option allows you to create interlinked bookmarks. Keeping the rest of the formatting undisturbed Notes can be easily Zoomed in or out as per the requirement. Ready access can be provided to notes by the star facility and adding them to favorites. The tabs can be converted into new notes so they are available without further digging.

Calendar module

Including a calendar in our basic schedule makes us achieve the set milestones timely. EssentialPIM helps you in keeping a track of all the upcoming events and assists in preparing in advance.

You can set your day right by checking the calendar daily to take the right actions on the set goals for that particular day. Through EssentialPIM you can view the calendar as per your requirement.

There are various view options such as day, week, month, year, table and you can choose any one of them as per your preference. Additionally, through a weekly agenda, you can also set your priority work and distribute them accordingly.

Moreover, you can filter all of your upcoming events into various categories like personal, work, etc. This helps you to identify the events of a particular category. There are template options available for you to incorporate any new items with precision and ease effortlessly.

EssentialPIM provides a facility for exporting, taking printouts, and synchronizing your valuable data at any point in time. You also get updates on the weather forecast so you can schedule your meetings accordingly.

In case your meeting schedule requires traveling, then through EssentialPIM you will be well prepared to attend it with the right essentials be it an umbrella or any particular device.

Passwords Module

With the aid of defined patterns, users can generate passwords very easily. In addition to this, EssentialPIM makes use of its powerful password management tool and also stores all the data related to password entries and organizes them into specific groups for ease.

There are unlimited hierarchical groups where password information is stored in a foolproof manner and is also made available for easy retrieval. Using a single click the password information in the database can be auto typed in web forms.

All the individual password entries can be made more appealing by making use of different icons. It also assists in fetching favicons from a variety of websites as per your choice.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for a professional organizer that also works for your requirements then EssentialPIM is just the thing you need. This perfect innovative email client not only stores but also organizes your important information in the form of appointments, contacts, and even passwords.

You can also convert your notes to tasks anytime along with the provision of keeping your emails secured. There is a common database for storing the data provided by the user and it can also be altered on multiple devices be it Android or iOS without the need of switching to your laptop frequently.

Alternatively, you can use this amazing tool either from the USB flash drive or any kind of similar portable device to get the great portability of your data. Besides, you can be free of any worry as not even a single piece of data is left as a trace on the host system while transferring data as it is stored and saved in the form of a dedicated folder in the removable media.

This also helps to curb your worry of any sort of media theft while storing your data online. There is a well-developed encryption system in the form of AES 256-bit Key that follows the guidelines of industry standards.

In case your data gets modified accidentally and you are not happy with the same, you can restore it to the previous state easily. The Business Edition of the software allows the users to see all kinds of modifications and alterations made along with the time they were made.