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StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader has recently added a lot of new shows and movies, and it now has another one to add to your watch list. The third episode of the three-part documentary The Beatles: Get Back has just been launched on Disney Plus.

The much-anticipated documentary is now available to stream as a series. If you’re a Beatles fan, don’t miss the never-before-seen footage of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr rehearsing, recording, and performing their infamous “rooftop concert” at the band’s Apple Corps offices on London’s Savile Row — their final live performance. To watch this, download StreamGaGa Disney Downloader.

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Series Name: The Beatles: Get Back

Ratings: 9.1/10

Genre: Documentary, History, Music

Directed by: Peter Jackson

Produced by: Jeff Jones, Ken Kamins

Cast:  John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr


Peter Jackson directed and produced The Beatles: Get Back, a documentary series set to premiere in 2021. It is based on unused video and audio material collected for Michael Lindsay-similarly Hogg’s titled 1970 documentary on the Beatles’ album Let It Be (which had the working title of getting Back).

The docuseries has a total runtime of approximately eight hours, with three episodes ranging from two to three hours in length, each encompassing roughly weekly periods of studio time of 21 days.


 The final version follows the Beatles for 21 days in the studio as they prepare for an upcoming album, concert, and film project, culminating in the entire 42-minute rooftop show.

The series is defined by Jackson as “a documentary about a documentary” and “tougher” than Let It Be since it includes controversial incidents such as Harrison’s brief withdrawal from the band, which were not covered in the original film.

Most of the material from Let It Be was not reused in Get Back, with the exception of certain scenes when no alternative exists, and the series generally utilized footage acquired from alternate camera perspectives in the instance of passages shared between the two works.

This decision was made to “not stomp on Let It Be’s toes so that it is still a film with a cause to exist, and our [series] will be a supplement to it,” according to Jackson.


The New York Times’ Ben Sisario highlighted the series’ opening scenes from January 1969, in which McCartney wrote the song “Get Back” “out of nothing” while waiting for John Lennon, who was late.

According to Sisario, Lennon’s primary purpose in the Get Back project was “connection with an audience,” McCartney encouraged the band to “show excitement for the project or abandon it,” Harrison openly discussed “a divorce,” and the entire band was concerned about Ono’s presence at the sessions.


Other candid moments include Starr offering Ono a piece of gum, Linda McCartney and Ono whispering as the band plays “Let It Be,” Harrison impressing the band with a Bob Dylan cover, McCartney covering “Strawberry Fields Forever” with Lennon’s approval, and McCartney defending Ono while grieving the band’s demise.

An off-camera lunch between Lennon and McCartney is another pivotal scene. Unbeknownst to anybody, the filmmakers placed a microphone in the plant on the table, which picked up the talk.

During the lunch, Lennon informs McCartney that he has taken over as the group’s leader, which McCartney dismisses (“You’re the boss, I’m just the vice boss”). They also discuss Harrison’s treatment, reminisce about the past, and speculate about the future of the team.

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How to Use StreamGaGa to Download Disney Plus Shows

Step 1: Choose your ‘streaming service’ and select Disney Plus to play a video

Step 2: Choose preferred audios & subtitles

Step 3: Initiate the download

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The StreamGaGa Disney Downloader is available in a free version. The Paid version, on the other hand, makes downloading the files easier. In a $19.9 monthly plan Furthermore, the organization offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. As a result, if you are unhappy with the product, you can cancel it at any time and receive a refund.