How To Fix Steam Not Opening

Steam is a cloud-based library used to store games on your PC, as games usually occupy a huge amount of space and this could lead to the contraction of available memory.

As, Steam will help you store and enjoy as many games as you want, but there are certain limitations too. It was launched 18 years ago on September 12, 2003, as a platform to update games and slowly made its space allowing it to store third-party apps.


How To Fix Steam Not Opening 

Although sometimes many of the gamers face the issue of Steam not opening, here we have some solutions on How to fix Steam not opening.

Solution 1: Force Close All Running Process Of Steam

If your Steam doesn’t open or respond then here is one of the easiest and surest solutions, that is by terminating the Steam through Task Manager. The reason why it won’t open is that there might be multiple processes of Steam running in the background which makes it unable to open the one you are requesting.

Steam Not Opening

Step 1: Right-click on your screen and a sub-menu will open, then select Task Manager.

Step 2: A Task Manager window will open up, now select the Steam and click on it and, finally click on “End task”.

Step 3: Try to launch “Steam” now and see if it works.


Step 1:  First click on the Windows search bar and type “cmd” and select the Command Prompt.

Step 2: Now select “Run as Administrator”

Step 3: No type this code – “ taskkill / f / IM “steam.exe”

Step 4: After the execution of the task now try to launch Steam.

Solution 2: Launch Steam as Administrator

One of the other reasons why Steam won’t open it might be due to the lack of some administrator permissions like “read and write” permissions, so if the required permissions are granted then this solution might work out.

Step 1: Firstly right-click on the Steam app and select properties 

Step 2: Now click on the Compatibility section and check the box “Run as Administrator”

Step 3: Click “OK” to save the changes

Solution 3: Change ClientRegistry.blob

If none of the above solutions don’t work, no worries we still have lots of other options in which this is another method. You can try deleting some files which might be causing some problems in launching Steam.

Step 1: As an initial step close your Steam completely and end every task as per the first solution.

Step 2: Search for in the Steam directory under the C drive -> Program Files -> Steam

Step 3: Look out for the file named “ClientRegistry.blob”.

Step 4: Now modify the name from “ ClientRegistry.blob” to “ClientRegistryold.blob”.

Doing this would allow Steam to create a new file when you Launch it, which might solve the issue, if not then continue the process.

Step 5: Search the Steam directory again for “Steamerrorreporter.exe”

Step 6: Run the file and re-launch the Steam to check whether the issue is solved.

Solution 4: Delete and Re-install Steam Client 

Sometimes even after lots of attempts none of the solutions seems to work, so to make it easy try this solution. Due to some internal errors or something, Steam might not open or process anything so a re-installation of Steam would a good thing.

Note: When you are trying to uninstall or delete an application make sure you do it through the Control Panel, this will ensure you that the application is removed from your PC/Laptop.

Step1: Locate the Steam file in C-drive -> Program files and delete the entire file of  ‘Steam’.

Step 2: Search Control panel in Windows search bar 

Step 3: Control Panel->Programs-> Programs and features, now to check the list to make sure Steam is completely removed from the PC/Laptop.

Solution 5: Update Graphics Drivers

Graphics is one of the important elements for games and if your graphics drivers are not up to date then this might cause problems like Steam not opening. So to make sure your drivers are updated follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to the manufacturer’s website and check for new updates.

Step 2: Also check if your Windows is in the latest version if not then update it too.

Step 3: Now try to launch Steam, after the updates, it is believed to work perfectly.

               Solution 6: Set Date and Time

We often tend to ignore the smallest of things thinking it might not be the problem, but it turns out that it was the actual problem and this is one of those types. As Steam runs based on the Real-Time data from the PC, an incorrect time would fail its initial step towards building the connection, and that’s when Steam refuses to open.

Step 1: Firstly, right-click on the taskbar of the desktop and choose “Taskbar Settings”. 

Step 2: Now search for “Date and Time” and click on it. 


Right-click on the clock and select “ Adjust Date/Time”.

Step 3: Turn off the “ Set time automatically” and back to ON again

Step 4: Now try to launch the Steam 

Solution 7: Delete the App Cache Folder

Steam uses “AppCache” to store data regarding the setup and process, which helps in speedy access to everything you want. As, this file is important for accessing, and if this file is corrupted then Steam will not function properly leading to Steam not opening.

Step 1:  Follow this C: -> Program Files(x86) and search for Steam file.

Step 2: Search for the AppCache folder and save a copy of it. (Do not save it in the same drive)

Step 3: Now delete the AppCache file.

Step 4: Launch the Steam and see if it works properly, if yes now you can delete the previously saved copy of the AppCache file.

Solution 8: Temporarily Disable Antivirus/Firewall Applications

If Steam still doesn’t work then here is another way, it might be because your antivirus or Firewall applications are preventing it from opening.

Step 1: Check if Steam is running in the background, if yes then close it completely.

Step 2: Now search for the package folder in Steam, you can find it in C-Drive -> Programs Files or C-drive.

Step 3: Delete the file named “beta” in the folder.

Step 4: Now close all the files and restart your computer. Try launching Steam now.

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 If you feel none of them work, please try to check out whether the given steps were followed and also whether Steam is not running in the background while you are trying out the above solutions.

Try every solution carefully as directed to get the results, and these are some common issues that everyone faces so no worries try them all, and hopefully, your Steam will be back online.