Space Force Season 3 Release Date: Is It Confirmed or Not

What actor have you guys seen most often in comic roles? Steve Carell, who starred as one of television’s most famous characters in the hit show The Office, is, without a doubt, among them.

Regardless, after the success of “The Office,” Greg Daniels and Carell teamed up again for the drama and comedy series “Space Force.”

Space Force Season 3

With two seasons already out, fans are wondering if Netflix will pick up Season 3 of Space Force. On February 18, 2022, Netflix premiered Space Force, a film directed by Greg Daniels. Naird has had his hands full since gaining command of the United States Space Force.

So it’s natural that a lot of people are interested in what comes next for him and his faultless crew. Since the show’s inception, his major goal has been to convince the United States military and government that his branch is worthy of honour and recognition.

Therefore, let’s check out what’s in store for followers.


How Well Did Space Force Season 2 Perform on Netflix?

Above, we indicated that viewership is the deciding factor in whether or not the show is renewed for a third season, and the numbers aren’t looking good.

While the first season was seen by 40 million members in its first month, we won’t have access to numbers like that for this one.

For this reason, Netflix will no longer release viewership statistics.

Instead, we may examine the Top 10 hourly data on Netflix, which suggests the show will not be able to get the necessary support for a third season.

In the week of February 14–20 (it was added to Netflix with two days to go), the show could have qualified for the Top 10 lists had it clocked in at least 11.04 million hours of viewing time.

A disappointing 12.32M hours were watched in its debut week, putting it at number 8 on the charts. It immediately fell out of the top 10 on the global chart and hasn’t returned.

Space Force Season 3: Confirmed or Not?

While a third season of Space Force has not yet been confirmed, that news is likely to come shortly.

Space Force, which airs on Netflix, is widely predicted to be renewed for a third season very soon. We’ll have to wait and see what develops.

We will update this article with any fresh information we get about Space Force Season 3. Make a habit of checking in here frequently. Check out the Space Force season 3 cast below!


Almost three months have passed since the February 18 premiere of Season 2, which featured Carell and co-stars John Malkovich and Ben Schwartz.

It had a brief run on the Nielsen streaming originals charts, entering at No. 8 and climbing to No. 7 the following week, but failed to crack the overall Nielsen streaming weekly Top 10.

After Season 1’s lengthy reign at the top of Netflix’s Daily Top 10 ranking, Season 2’s appearance was brief, peaking at somewhere around Number 5.