Smoking Marijuana Lead To Breakthrough COVID Cases, Study Says

The people who are heavy marijuana users might be the ones who have also been vaccinated as the people who are going to provide the scientific breakthrough for the Covid cases. This can be seen as a breakthrough case that the world might have been waiting for. So what is this all about? Well, we are here to give the info to you, so keep on reading.

The study which had been published on the last of Tuesday in World Psychology had been among one of those that had found that those among the people who have been known to have a substance use disorder (SUD) — a dependence that is associated with the use of marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, opioids, and tobacco — they are the ones among the people who were more and more likely to contract the coronavirus even after they have been successful in receiving both of their vaccination shots.

Smoking Marijuana Lead To Breakthrough COVID Cases, Study Says

Those among the people without a SUD even went through, and that study saw a 3.6 percent rate of breakthrough infections. If we take the other side and make the matter compared to a 7 percent rate in those of the people who are found with a SUD.

At 7.8 percent, the fact is that those with marijuana use disorder are the ones who were most at risk for breakthrough infections. All this is according to the study.

“Patients who are known to be with cannabis use disorder are the ones who were known to be younger, and they more or less had fewer comorbidities than the other SUD subtypes. These people are the ones who had a higher risk for breakthrough infection. This is true and had been found even after they were matched for adverse social and economic determinants of health” the researchers are the ones who wrote this.

“Additionally, we have to consider the variables, such as behavioral factors, and we are talking about the adverse effects of cannabis on the pulmonary and the immune function, this is also something that they could contribute to the higher risk for breakthrough infection in this group.”