Z. Y. Shi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

After the International Weightlifting Federation reorganised the weight categories in 2018, Chinese weightlifter Z. Y. Shi, who had previously competed in the 69 kg category.

Moved up to the 73 kg weight class. He has won two Olympic gold medals, three World titles, and four Asian titles.

The former Olympic gold medalist Z. Y. Shi inspired Shi’s coach Zhan Xugang to rechristen him from his birth name, Shi Lei.

SHI Zhiyong Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


Z. Y. Shi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

When Z. Y. Shi of the People’s Republic of China competed in the men’s 73-kilogram weight class at the Tokyo International Forum, he set a new world record with a lift of 364 kilogrammes.

The People’s Republic of China’s Z. Y. Shi set a new world record and won gold in the men’s 73-kilogram weightlifting category at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

With a total lift of 364 kilogrammes, Shi broke the world record by one kilogramme. He set an Olympic record in the snatch.

With a lift of 166 kilogrammes, and he set another Olympic record in the clean and jerk with a lift of 198 kilogrammes.

For the longest time, I only gave a total of 363kg, not 364kg, so all I want for the Olympics is to break the record for myself.

One of my Olympic goals is to set a new world record. “I didn’t make the 192kg [on my first attempt].

But I’m pretty sure I’m going to break my record, so I did the 198,” he said to the media after his victory in Mandarin.

The three-time world champion won the 69 kilogramme (kg) event at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Making him only the second weightlifter in history to win consecutive Olympic gold medals in the men’s lightweight division.

Julio Ruben Mayora Pernia of Venezuela took home silver, making him the first athlete from his country to win an Olympic medal. Rahmat Erwin Abdullah of Indonesia won bronze.

China’s Z. Y. Shi Breaks Own Record to Win Weightlifting Gold

On Wednesday, he easily won gold in the men’s 73-kilogram category at the Tokyo Olympics and set the first weightlifting world record of the games.

Z. Y. Shi lifted a total of 364 kilogrammes, a personal best by one kilogramme, and an Olympic gold medal.

Considering that Julio Mayora of Venezuela lifted 19 kg less than the runner-up, the competition for gold was hardly close.

Knowing he had already won silver, Mayora tried and failed to break Shi’s record of 198 kilogrammes in the clean and jerk before finishing the competition with a backflip.

Four golds and a silver have been won by the five Chinese weightlifters who have competed so far in Tokyo.


Z. Y. Shi of China won the men’s 73 kilogramme weightlifting event at the Olympics, breaking his own world record in the process.

By squatting a total of 364 kilogrammes, the 27-year-old broke his own record of 363 kilogrammes, which he had set at the 2019 world championships.

Julio Ruben Mayora Pernia of Venezuela took home silver after lifting 346 kilogrammes. Thanks for reading our article Z. Y. Shi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.