Setting Sail on the Winding Waterways of California’s Delta

Despite the pandemic, the general manager of Sherman Island-based Delta Windsports, which rents and sells windsurfing and kiteboarding equipment, claimed that business was thriving.

We were temporarily unable to offer classes because of Sherman Island County Park rules.


Setting Sail on the Winding Waterways of California’s Delta

She claimed that “selling 20 $500 boards doesn’t truly fulfil us.” It was a terrific experience even though we had a lot of work to do.

Setting Sail on the Winding Waterways of California’s Delta

Masks were absent from both indoor and outdoor venues in significant numbers. It seemed like an illicit joy in May and June, but when we came back in July, California’s coronavirus cases were on the rise, and it had grown more complicated.

One of our fellow customers at Wimpy’s shouted angrily about the possibility of mask mandates while we sipped our Bloody Marys.

When I spoke with Ms. Walton of Mei Wah about her company in August (it should be noted that Mei Wah does feature an outdoor beer garden), she didn’t hold back in expressing her anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine sentiments.

There is Much Ambiguity.

After a year and a half of ambiguity, the only thing that is definite is that things will change in the future. Having a continually shifting focus may be the greatest course of action in the long term when it comes to the epidemic, travel, and even the Delta.

It’s because the Delta, like so many other regions in the West, serves as a barometer for the decisions that people must make as risks from climate change like rising temperatures, devastating tropical storms, and rising sea levels become more common.

It is a special location in terms of beauty, personality, and overall significance to the state of California. The Delta and the rest of California are at greater risk from severe wildfires and smog.

Dr. Peter Moyle has spent decades researching the Delta as an emeritus professor in the University of California, Davis Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology.

Last Words

Dr. Moyle’s study on the Suisun Marsh has concentrated on the critically endangered Delta smelt and other fish.

It “most closely resembles the original Delta,” he has claimed. No matter what happens, he is certain that a lot of change is in store. Thanks for reading our article Setting Sail on the Winding Waterways of California’s Delta.