Seth Meyers Muses on Trump’s Weekend Lowa Rally

On Monday night, Seth Meyers drew a live audience for the first time in 19 months as host of Late Night. He used the opportunity to discuss the former president’s weak performance in front of his own audience the previous weekend.

Seth Meyers Muses on Trump’s Weekend Lowa Rally


Seth Meyers Muses on Trump’s Weekend Lowa Rally

Donald Trump conducted a rally in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday, where he “stated the same crazy lies about the election that he’s been repeating for months,” according to him. “The man simply refuses to go away,” he said.

Trump railed against the state of Pennsylvania, claiming victory in the election there because he was ahead at one point in the vote count. But even his own supporters, Meyers added, “weren’t exactly electrified” by his bizarre ramblings.

As a tourist watching one of those gold statue dudes in Times Square, “I enjoy the cutaways to sad Trump fans just standing there in silence.”

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You can tell Trump was hoping for a crowd reaction, he continued. It reminds me of a senior centre open mic night.

Even while the Republican party is “totally devoted to Trump,” as Meyers put it, “not thinking or caring about what this lunatic says or does on a daily basis is liberating.”

Chuck Grassley, a senator from Iowa, attended Trump’s rally there, and Steve Scalise, the number two Republican in the House, refused to dispute Trump’s huge falsehood of election fraud on Fox News Sunday.

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My Pillow CEO and Trump supporter Mike Lindell said on a conspiracy news channel that an 880-year-old voted.

Let’s start with the fact that we know an 850-year-old voted: “OK, so here’s the deal. Meyers, holding up a picture of Rudy Giuliani, remarked, “He was on TV.” Rudy’s bent neck is a result of him sleeping in a casket that is too tiny for him. Thanks for reading our article Seth Meyers Muses on Trump’s Weekend Iowa Rally.