How To Fix (Error Code: 279) On Roblox

If you play pc games you must have heard of Roblox – It is a game that lets you create your games with the structure and design that you want and also lets you play a variety of games other users have created.

It is an online platform game so you can play these games with multi-players in real-time. It is available on all of the operating system devices like Android, Windows, iOS, and gaming consoles like Xbox excluding the macOS.


How To Fix (Error Code: 279) On Roblox?

So a lot of its players have been reporting an error while launching the game, which says (Error Code: 279) and many of the players are trying to find the solution to this error and how to avoid it.In this article, we are going to solve this issue with some very simple steps. But first, we are going to see what error code 279 is and how it is caused.

What Causes The Roblox Error Code 279?

This error usually occurs because of internet connectivity issues. But it can also happen due to many other reasons which include blockage from the firewall, using an unsupported browser, using third-party addons on your browser, using third-party antiviruses, and not opening required ports for the game.

Now we are going to discuss these points in brief on how to solve these problems and play the game without any errors.

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Network issues-In most cases, the general problem is a slow internet connection due to which it cannot connect to the game properly and have to wait for the connection longer than usual. Because of this, it may throw an error.

Firewall blockage-Windows have an inbuilt firewall that may not let the game work properly and not allow some required connections to be made, if you don’t change this setting or disable it, the game will get blocked and you will have to face errors.

Problem in the game-Due to some problem in game servers or because of the bad designing of a game can cause an error. If you place some objects that cannot be handled by the game or place too many objects can also cause an error, note that this type of error occurs to a few games only so you can report it to its creators and ask for a fix.

Since we talked about the causes and main problems here are the solutions to fix them –

1. Turn Off Windows Firewall

You should turn off your Windows Firewall if you are facing this error because in most cases, it is because of the restrictions of your firewall. Turn off your Windows Firewall and then try to connect to the game if it runs then the problem is solved.

Now we’ll see how to turn off your windows firewall-

Step 1: Click the start menu and search for “Windows firewall”.Click on it to open the Windows Firewall settings.Look for enable/disable firewall and open it.

Step 2: Disable the Firewall by clicking on disable.Make sure to disable both public and private network firewalls.

Now see if it resolves the issue or not.

2. Make Sure You Are Using a Supported Browser

If you play the game on your browser rather than in the app, you will have to make sure that the browser you are using is supported by the game or not, if it is not supported by Roblox it will show an error and you cannot play the game.

Also, make sure that the browser is updated. If you are using Chrome or Firefox to play Roblox, make sure that it is up-to-date.
The list of supported browsers are –Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox, and Safari on both the Macintosh and Pc.

3. Disable Third-Party Browser Addons

If you are using the addons on your browser, it can also cause problems and cause errors. Ad-blockers add-ons on your browser might also cause your game to not load and throw errors. Therefore you should disable any addons that might cause errors.

How to disable it-

Click on the settings of your browser.Select the Manage Add-ons option.Select the Ad-blocker Add-on.Toggle on/off the add-on that you have added.

4.Open Required Ports

This error can also be caused due to required ports that are not opened for Roblox on your network. In this case, you will now have to port forward them so it can connect easily.

How to open required ports-

Step 1: Log onto your router control panel as administrator.Find port forwarding option.

Step 2: Now, Enter the IP address of your system, then enter the 49152-65535 port range.Select UDP as the protocol.Restart your router after doing that.

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5. Turn Off Third-Party Antivirus

Anti-viruses can also cause errors and connection problems in Roblox, it will not be able to connect to the game. Disabling your antivirus software temporarily could resolve the issue.


So, in this article, we learned how to resolve the Error code: 279 on Roblox, If you try them step by step one of the methods will work surely work.