Rice Purity Test – Check Your Rice Purity Test Score

This article’s title may lead many readers to believe that it’s about a purity test of rice varieties, but that’s not the case. This assumption, however, is incorrect. In this instance, the Rice Purity Test refers to a survey that asks about various aspects of life.

It’s a questionnaire designed to elicit information about a person’s past fanatical and impure behaviour. This is a purely amusing exercise. A great college experience for a first-year student today necessitates mingling with older students and fellow students.

Rice Purity Test

So, to summarise, the Rice Purity Test is designed primarily for students in this age group. A student’s life is filled with many distractions, so the Rice Purity Test is an excellent tool for identifying and correcting personality flaws.


History of Official Rice Purity Test

The purpose of the Rice Purity Test is to determine a person’s level of innocence in various areas, such as societal respect, personal health, and so on. Around 96 years ago, the first Official Rice Purity Test was conducted. Only women were required to take a written exam at that time.

The Unisex Purity Test was a popular purity test. The first time this exam was written was in the baker’s house at MIT in 1980. Both men and women took a separate exams. In 1993, the same questions were asked of both men and women at Carnegie Mellon University.

This was followed by a 2000-question version in 1995. This purity test is now available on social media platforms such as Facebook, thanks to the introduction of iPhone and Android phones.

How to Pass the Rice Purity Test with a Higher Score

The Rice Purity Test can be used by anyone to gauge their level of receptivity to various life situations. It aids in self-discovery, self-improvement, and building relationships with those in one’s immediate environment. So, here are 12 of the best ways to increase your Rice Purity Test score.

           1. Avoid Any Involvement in Criminal Activity

Many questions on the Rice Purity Test focus on crime, so it’s crucial to avoid it in order to improve one’s score. It is up to us to ensure our own safety. Every person must be extremely vigilant in order to avoid becoming a victim of any crime.

criminal activity

In a nutshell, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure their own safety. Being mentally strong and self-assured is a byproduct of taking the necessary precautions to avoid becoming a victim of any criminal activity.

2. Stay Safe

No matter where you are—at home or at work—you must be well-versed in your immediate surroundings. Avoid leaving your house’s front door open while you’re at home, and never display your jewellery or other valuables in public. What if you have no idea who is listening in? To avoid becoming a victim of any crime, one must maintain a state of alert concentration.

3. Be Confident And Focused

This is a critical piece of advice for boosting your Rice Purity Test score. It’s common for criminals to seek out people who are prone to being naive, easily distracted, or lacking in confidence. These people are notoriously slow to react to unusual criminal activity, such as snatchings and the like.

Such criminals look for people like this in order to carry out their crimes. They may also go after people who have a lot of shopping bags on their backs, children in their arms, or a lot of luggage on their backs. People like this may be slow to react to criminal activity.

4. Avoid Consuming Alcohols and Drugs

People who are either drug or alcohol addicts are frequently targeted by criminals. In bars, pubs, and other public places, these “predators” keep an eye out for vulnerable patrons and then strike when the opportunity arises.

Alcohol and drugs should be avoided at all costs. These are no less harmful than drinking alcohol, which has negative effects on your mind as well as your body. It also lowers your rice purity test score.

5. Respect for Society

We go to school, home, restaurants, hospitals, etc., if we show respect for those around us. You’ll always be loved if you show respect for your parents. When you show respect to your teachers, you will always be praised by them.

Your chances of being hired will be greatly increased if you treat your interviewers with respect. As the saying goes, “Treat others the way you want others to treat you.” Confidence and the ability to express one’s thoughts and ideas grow when one is respected. Respect will aid in the development of positive relationships, trust, and mutual support. As a result, this translates to:

  • With anyone, never use foul language.
  • Do not harm or attack anyone.
  • Never lose your patience with anyone.
  • Take no offense to anyone’s ego.

Because of the respectful and tolerant environment in which they live, many well-known people have earned respect, admiration, and love of their peers. You can respect others in the following ways:

  • Always go out of your way to help others.
  • Particularly young children and the elderly.
  • Be grateful for every one.
  • Make an effort to be a good listener.

Is there a difference between heartfelt respect and demanded respect? People who have a heart-to-heart connection are incredibly nurturing, responsible, emotional, and caring.

Respect that is demanded is accorded in response to the arrogance and selfishness of those who demand it. For the most part, arrogant people have one thing in common: they are either unappreciated by others, or they are self-conscious about their own abilities.

6. Education Comes First

An educational experience is one in which one learns and acquires new knowledge, skills, and values. It has a significant impact on an individual’s overall development. Decision-making skills are enhanced, and the ability to choose between two situations is improved. Formal and non-formal methods of teaching and learning are both acceptable.


There are four basic levels of formal education: pre-school, elementary school, middle school, and college. People’s thoughts, views, opinions, and actions are influenced positively by education.

People with a higher level of education make a significant contribution to the progress of their country. For the country’s benefit, they have the necessary skills and education. They would never engage in any dishonest or misleading activities if they were properly taught and mentored in their first years of school.

Getting a good education has become mandatory in many countries up to a certain age and will increase your rice purity test score. This can help people make a decent living. As the world’s population continues to grow, we need a system that allows everyone, regardless of wealth, to have equal access to education. Increasing the country’s workforce and eradicating poverty are both made possible through education.

7. Stay Away from Distractions

Minds that are alert and focused are always brimming with ideas and opinions. A person’s decision-making skills will suffer if their mind is constantly preoccupied with negative emotions and thoughts.

These sources of diversion can take many forms, such as mobile devices, television, and so on. Distractions can be avoided in a variety of ways:

  • Keep your cell phone off while you’re in the middle of studying.
  • Get eight hours of sleep each night.
  • Keep your focus on the present moment by taking slow, deep breaths.
  • Make sure you take regular breaks throughout the day and avoid interacting with people who are negative.

There are a variety of ways to stay focused at all times, including:

  • Distinguish small tasks from larger ones.
  • As quickly as you can, complete all of your assignments
  • Prioritize the most critical tasks first.
  • Controlling one’s own thoughts and emotions is a lifelong endeavor.
  • When confronted with adversity, never lose your composure.

We all eventually learn to avoid such distractions, even if it’s difficult at first for some people to do so. Everyone needs to avoid negativity and surround themselves with people who encourage them to succeed in life. As a result, it’s best to stay away from anything or anyone that might cause you to become distracted.

8. Improve Personality

When it comes to forming one’s thoughts, values, and beliefs, one’s personality plays a significant role. In both personal and professional life, an individual’s personality is critical. A person’s personality is formed by the experiences he has had throughout his life, including those he had as a child and his upbringing.


In general, we can categorize individuals as either introverts or extroverts. People who are extroverts can easily mingle with those around them, whereas introverts prefer to keep to themselves. A good personality is equal to a good rice purity score.

Getting to know new people in your personal and professional life will help you become a nicer person. In order to improve one’s personality, there are a number of options:

8.1: Improving One’s Ability to Communicate

A daily dose of positivity will help you learn about a wide range of subjects. Never be afraid to express your thoughts on important topics. Make sure what you say makes some sense and logical sense before you say it.

Don’t use your phone at the same time as you’re speaking with a person. As a result, it’s possible that you’ll lose interest in hearing from someone else. Don’t try to impose your views on others. Be courteous when conversing with others.

8.2: Setting Goals in Your Life

Always set goals in your life that would keep you focused and disciplined. Make the goals that encourage you to come out of your comfort zone. This will help you to grow and learn new things.

9. Health is Wealth

It’s important to have a plan for the future so that you can stay motivated and on track. Get out of your comfort zone by setting goals that push you to try new things. Developing your skills and expanding your knowledge base will be made easier as a result of this.

“Health Is Wealth”

Individual happiness and prosperity can only be achieved through a healthy lifestyle. Everyone has a right to good health. Every person should strive to be healthy as a primary goal in their lives. Putting your health first is the most important thing you can do today.

The most valuable asset in your life is your health, so never compromise on it. Students and the elderly alike must grasp the significance of maintaining a healthy weight and physical fitness.

They can serve as an excellent role model for the next generation, motivating them to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. In order to succeed in life, it is important to take care of your body. Diseases thrive in unhealthy people, and it’s possible that an unhealthy person will fail to meet their life’s ambitions as a result. Having a healthy body and mind go hand in hand is what it means to be healthy.

Eating a diet rich in green vegetables, seasonal fruits, eggs, and other nutritious foods can help a person maintain a healthy weight. It is also possible to cultivate inner peace by practicing yoga and meditating every day.

Your physical appearance, ability to perform any activity, and mental stability will all improve as a result of adopting healthy habits. So, if you want to be successful, happy, and at peace in your life, you need to take care of your physical and mental well-being.

10. Relationships Play An Essential Role

When we talk about relationships, we think of our parents, siblings, spouses, cousins, grandparents, and many other people. Our lives would be incomplete if we didn’t have these relationships.

We can maintain our emotional and mental well-being thanks to these connections. Our happiness depends on the quality of our relationships. There is a strong bond between children and their parents and siblings when they are young.

We form a closer relationship with our grandparents as soon as we are old enough to form a relationship with our uncles and aunts. Having a new family after getting married is a completely new experience for us. As a result, we are able to grow as individuals as a result of this variety of relationships. In some relationships, there is a risk of misunderstanding and ego clashes.

Good relationships, whether between parents or husband and wife, are built on mutual respect, care, and understanding. Only a two-way effort can build a strong relationship. Both parties must work together and take ownership of the situation. Although we may disagree, there should be mutual respect for one another.

Students and teachers, bosses and managers, and many others are examples of formal relationships. A person’s social involvement and respect for society are also aided by these relationships.

11. Culture Plays A Vital Role

To put it simply, culture refers to social norms and practices. Dance, food, way of life, rituals, and religion are all part of what we mean when we talk about culture. Culture is defined in a unique way in each and every place.

There has been a lot of evidence to support the idea that many people are following the advice of their culture on this particular occasion. When it comes to special occasions like weddings and other holidays, they adhere to their traditions very closely. As a result, the following traits characterize this culture:

It’s impossible to learn about culture from a book. From our grandparents and parents, we’ve picked up on this lesson. Everything we do, from the clothes we wear to the way we speak, reflects our culture.

Group members contribute to the culture of the group. It can’t be adhered to solely by one person. It is called enculturation, when people are exposed to a new way of life.

Depending on where you live, the culture of the people around you can be quite different. When it comes to our own country, we have two very distinct cultures: one in Chennai and another in West Bengal.

A person’s upbringing is heavily influenced by his or her culture. His or her own culture will be shared with others as a result of the person’s devotion to it.

12. Drug is No Less Than Poison

It’s the final piece of advice for boosting your rice purity score. In our society, drugs are treated as if they were poison. It consumes a person from the inside out, but it also impairs their cognitive abilities. Your health deteriorates as a result of drug use, which can lead to legal and financial issues, as well.


There are many examples around us of people who are falling prey to the temptations of drug abuse. Drug abuse is a problem that affects not only the elderly but also young people. Drug use may be a result of a lack of love in the family, financial difficulties, or a poor social circle.

Drugs are poison, and we must do all we can to keep our loved ones safe from them. It has a negative impact on our ability to think clearly and numbs our minds. It’s extremely difficult to break a drug habit once you’ve become dependent on it.

Vomiting, anxiety, and dizziness are common side effects of attempting to stop abruptly. Addiction to drugs can manifest in a variety of ways.

  • Friendships shift over time.
  • Weight loss or gain in a short period of time
  • Coughing fits
  • Moodiness and a lack of focus
  • Indulging in some alone time

This means that we have a responsibility to look out for these people. This can be done by sending them to a rehabilitation center and providing them with adequate medical care.

The Official Rice Purity Test Score Guide

After submitting the Rice Purity Test, you must review your results. In this case, the individual’s score would be out of 100. 80-90 points are possible, as well as 90+. The following is a breakdown of the Rice Purity Test Score by category:

Rice Purity Test Score: 100-98

Basically, this is the highest score you can get. Only a small percentage of people fit this description. People who score in this range have a strong desire to commit crimes. These children can be referred to as spoiled.

In some cases, young people with this score may desire to experience as much as possible in their lives. So they went ahead and tried out these kinds of things. Criminal activities are, of course, not good.

Rice Purity Test Score: 97-94

A score of 94-97 on the rice purity test falls into the second category in this section. It’s a narrow band, to put it mildly. People who are still in the process of learning and growing should use this scorecard.

People in this category never stop trying new things and never settle for less than they want. It is possible that they will score a 100 in the future because of their disciplined but firm personality.

Rice Purity Test Score: 93-77

The vast majority of people fall within this range. Students in the middle and upper classes make up most participants. These college students have a reputation for being responsible and hardworking.

They put forth their best effort and focus on the tasks at hand. They have excellent mental self-control and aren’t easily distracted.

Rice Purity Test Score: 76-45

People with a shy disposition fall into this category. Many of these children are naturally shy and only speak sparingly with those who are close to them. They’re not very socially savvy. When it comes to meeting new people, these scorers avoid all activities that might push them outside of their comfort zone.

Rice Purity Test Score: Below 45

Individuals in this category are those who require some level of assistance and care. They are people who are either mentally ill or physically ill. Due to their heightened sensitivity, they necessitate extra attention and care from their families.


We can conclude that the Rice Purity Test is primarily intended for students in elementary and secondary schools and colleges. The goal of this survey is to learn more about how today’s youth interact with one another in social settings.

This article demonstrates that children in our society come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some people have a wide range of perspectives and are willing to consider all options.

Students who are naturally reserved and reclusive may find it difficult to make new friends in a classroom setting. Then there are students who have mental health issues and require the assistance of family members and/or a physician on a regular basis.

In order to categorise the score, a thorough investigation and survey must be conducted. The Rice Purity Test measures a person’s ability to take responsibility for their own life choices. Rice Purity Test Frequently Asked Questions can be found at the end of this article.