Review: In Miami, a ‘Swan Lake’ That Blasts Off the Cobwebs

Siegfried cautiously touches her as he approaches her to couple her. After the turn, she is held in a V-shape with her hands raised above her head. This new friendship they’re forming is fragile and depends entirely on trust.


Review: In Miami, a ‘Swan Lake’ That Blasts Off the Cobwebs

Throughout, magnificent pantomime that is simple yet obvious gives the dancing a unique poetic prowess and drive.

When Odette crosses her hands in front of her body, a sign of death, she is not ethereal. There isn’t any room for doubt in this circumstance. The life of a person is over when they die.

When Siegfried meets Odile, Von Rothbart’s crafty daughter, in the ballroom scene, Odette immediately loses faith in him. With this performance, Ratmansky drenches Odile’s dark, featherless gown in hues of green and purple, making it resemble an iridescent fish covered in glitter. This had a slightly unkempt air to it.

Siegfried, who is horrified by how much she resembles Odette, asks her to marry him, which is plainly a poor idea.

Carranza performed admirably as Odette but not in a particularly remarkable way as Odile. It was fascinating to see as her pas de deux with Cerdeiro took on an arabesque position with her leg extended and his kneeling before her.

Suddenly, she released his hands and placed her hands on his knee. It was incredibly odd, yet it also made sense. Odile’s brutality causes Siegfried to be knocked to the ground.

Last Words

Ratmansky’s “Swan Lake,” however, is effective due to the groupings he uses. The peasant waltz in Act 1 is the most uplifting thing you’ve ever seen in the ballet, up until the maypole is erected and layers of dancers swirl around it to create a human carousel.

Because they are so jovial, the images they produce are enjoyable to view. This is likely related to how hospitable and accommodating the Miami City Ballet artists are.

According to George Balanchine, dancing Tchaikovsky’s ballets is like soaring. They soar. Thanks for reading our article Review: In Miami, a ‘Swan Lake’ That Blasts Off the Cobwebs.