Review: ‘Caroline, or Change’ Makes History’s Heartbreak Sing

Caroline Rothenberg makes a compelling writing debut in Caroline, or Change: Making History’s Heartbreak Sing.

She disappears when her peregrine falcon incubation cycle is over. Her mother locates her and joins forces with others to locate and save her.


Review: ‘Caroline, or Change’ Makes History’s Heartbreak Sing

It is a tale of loss, resiliency, and the triumph of love above everything else (spoiler: goodbye, Carol).

Review: ‘Caroline, or Change’ Makes History’s Heartbreak Sing

Strong writer Rothenberg also understands how to create cliffhangers. But the novel’s distinctive treatment of the falcon is what saves this extremely frightening work.

The narrative goes deeply into a certain species, exploring their motivations, behaviours, and interactions with one another. Even after you turn the last page, this novel will keep you in suspense.

I Adored this Book From Start to Finish.

The tale was unique and provided me with a wealth of knowledge. It provided insight into a number of topics that I had previously seen covered in the context of science fiction, including divine intervention, correspondence between the deceased and their loved ones, the morality of animal sacrifice, and interactions between different species.

There were a lot of things I didn’t know, including how relatives may even stand in for missing loved ones and how even after passing away, raptors can still communicate by flapping their wings.

These facts were amazing, but the fact that they applied directly to falcons astounded me. How did they learn to fly so well while they died in the hearts of their offspring?

I relished every second. There were times when heartache seemed out of the ordinary, as when her mother was being attacked by enraged hunters and her daughter would receive knowledge quickly enough to “rescue her.”

I chuckled at the son, a science and technology savant, who finally realised why his mother was being left in the fields by a female who appeared to be a daycare provider and fed him when she spotted a live falcon on the move.

Final Words

The elements of Caroline, or Change are what you would anticipate from an author. Being a young adult book, there are moments of melodrama and happenings that all neatly fit into a beautifully written tale.

There is also an exciting romance, excellent language, and other elements. This is a novel you will appreciate if you like romance, historical fiction, or bird studies.

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