R. Zapata Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

R. Zapata, a 28-year-old Spanish gymnast, won the artistic gymnastics final and received an unexpectedly large payment for the floor exercise. Rayderley completed the exercise in second position and was ranked first from the beginning.

Even with the Israeli, a gap of only ten tenths in difficulty separated him from the first metal with a note of 14,933. Spain won a medal in this discipline 13 years later.

R. Zapata Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


R. Zapata Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Get a Sixth Medal

The gold was won by the Israeli Dolgopyat, who tied with Ray Zapata with a score of 14,933 but profited from the difficulty rating. According to the assessors, the difficulty rating for R. Zapata exercise was 6.50, while Dolgopyat’s was 6.60.

These tenths prevented Spain from winning a second gold medal in Tokyo. The Chinese Xiao completed the podium with a score of 14,766.

R. Zapata had emerged as one of Spain’s potential medal table surprises. In the preliminary round, he achieved the fourth-best note, so there was a chance that in the final he would surprise with an exercise that would propel him into the medal hunt.

And he did so flawlessly. I felt the strain of being the second gymnast to go onto the mat, which is a double-edged sword that can either serve to warn opponents or, in the worst case scenario, immediately eliminate you from competition. The first path was taken by R. Zapata.

Stop the drought and get a sixth medal

This is Spain’s first Olympic medal thirteen years later. The last gymnast to earn a medal in this event was Gervasio Deferr, who earned silver in the floor final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics with a score of 15,775.

Last Words

The medal won by Ray Zapata is Spain’s sixth at the Tokyo Olympics. The only gold medal is now held by Fátima Gálvez and Alberto Fernández in shooting.

The silver of R. Zapata is added to the silvers of Cerezo (taekwondo) and Chourraut (K1). Carreo and Valero earned bronze in tennis and mountain biking, respectively.