10 Best Online Proofreading Jobs in 2023

There is a different kind of joy in working from home. Working from home has its own advantages. There are even many jobs available that don’t require very special skills or qualifications. These jobs also give you the advantage of working from home.

I mean, everyone wants to earn money, and sometimes people do the side hustle to increase their income.

There is no greater joy than getting paid for something you love doing. Today, we will talk about the 10 best Online proofreading jobs in 2021. This job is perfectly suitable for people interested in proofreading. Hence, keep reading our 10 best Online proofreading jobs in 2021 for all details.

Proofreading Jobs


What is Proofreading?

Sometimes we draft any article, or post or long writing, and then even after rechecking it several times, we are not able to detect any mistake. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any minor mistakes. It simply means that since we are human, we make mistakes, and sometimes we can’t notice them.

There are many people who can detect even the slightest mistake in an article just by reading it once. So if you are someone who can detect such mistakes, then this job is perfectly suitable for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Proofreading

There are always two sides to a coin. Similarly, there are several advantages and disadvantages of proofreading. Hence we are going to discuss these advantages and disadvantages in detail before going further.

Advantages of Proofreading

  • As said earlier, you can do this job from your house. This is one of the biggest advantages of proofreading. In simple words, there is no comfort like home and working from home has its own wide range of advantages.
  • Proofreading is something people do with their interests. So now it is time to get paid for it. Hence, if you are interested in detecting mistakes, then this job is for you.
  • Proofreading is something that doesn’t bind you at all. You can manage to do other things proofreading work.
  • There are many jobs that hire people who are starting their proofreading job for the first time. Hence a good opportunity for beginners too.
  • As said earlier, you can do this job as a side hustle and increase your income. Honestly, no one minds increasing their income, so go for it.
  • Compared to other jobs, the cost required for proofreading is very low.

Disadvantages of Proofreading

  • One of the disadvantages is that there can be deadlines to stick to. Deadlines are in every kind of job and in proofreading too.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to have qualifications and experience for becoming a proofreader.

How Much Do Online Proofreaders Make Per Hour?

This varies in every organization. Every business pays in different ways. The criteria can also be different. Mostly it depends on how effective you are, on an hourly basis, on a word basis, on a project basis.

So now you know different organizations choose different criteria and ways of paying. Sometimes you are paid for projects, and sometimes per month.

Commonly, it is paying $15 per hour for proofreading. This price can also be increased if you have experience and skills. Even if you are very effective and efficient and give benefits to business, then also prices can go up.

You can also choose to do some proofreading courses before doing the proofreading. With a proofreading course, you can also get more than $30 per hour for proofreading.

What Skills Do I Need to Land an Online Proofreading Job?

There are some essential skills that you need for becoming a proofreader. These skills include having a good command of grammar, and especially for spelling, also the ability to spot grammatical mistakes quickly. These skills can be developed too.

There are many people that have these skills already. So people with these skills can apply for proofreader jobs. People who are interested in becoming a proofreader can develop these skills by practice.

Hence, these skills are required. Other than these skills, you also need to be very patient while examining the article, etc. for detecting any mistakes. Sometimes we need to examine it several times. Honestly, we are human, and hence mistakes are normal.

So several rounds of checking to ensure that you have checked the articles correctly. Some businesses need a degree in English or in journalism for appointing proofreaders. Some businesses need, only experience and some even hire beginners.

How to Find Work as an Online Proofreader

Firstly, you need to decide what kind of articles to proofread for! There are many options available, and you have to decide what kind of work you are looking for. Now we are going to talk about some common search terms that can be used for proofreading jobs.

Some common examples are freelance proofreading, proofreading positions, editor, academic editor, copy editing, editing jobs, online proofreading jobs, and lastly, beginners proofreading jobs. There are also many online sites that can help you become a proofreader. Sometimes Facebook groups are helpful in searching for proofreading jobs.

10 Best Online Proofreading Jobs in 2021

Now we are going to present the 10 best Online proofreading jobs in 2021. The list is presented below.

1. Upwork

Our first site in our 10 best Online proofreading jobs in 2021 is Upwork. This is a great site for proofreading. The perks of using this site is that you can choose your clients and work on your own. The tip here is to create an attractive and informative profile.

It will help the clients to understand what kind of work you can do for them. So try Upwork today for proofreading jobs.

2. Domainite

This site is perfectly suitable for beginners. You can choose to begin with this site for a proofreading career. Once you are experienced then you can easily work anywhere. So the tip is to get started.

3. Polished Paper

Now we are going to talk about a very attractive site that is Polished Paper. It has a very attractive interface. So if you are experienced in proofreading then you can apply on this site. All you have to do is to make your profile and then upload your latest resume.

This site also asks 35 questions. So the tip here is to make an attractive and simple profile with all the necessary information. You should also answer the questions carefully.

4. ProofreadingServices.com

As the name suggests, it provides proofreading services. So the people who are looking for proofreading as a full-time job can apply here. The people who want to do proofreading as a part-time job can also apply here. Hence this site provides the option of doing proofreading as a full-time job as well as a part-time job.

So the beginners, as well as experienced, can apply here. The site gives you a 20 minutes test, and it is necessary to complete it.

5. Fiverr

This site also offers you paid proofreading job. Prices may vary according to different criteria and with other clients. More projects will give you more money.

The lowest price is $5, and this price is the lowest, so it definitely has the scope of increasing. Your efficiency and different projects and different clients will surely increase this price.

6. Wordvice

This site asks you to pay money that you want to be paid for your service. There may be part-time jobs available. Hence this site is perfectly suitable for people who want to proofread as a side hustle or as a part-time job. So all you need to do is to submit your latest resume with an application.

You also need to edit a sample on this site. You will get notifications in your email related to your results. You also need to give your graduation degree or any program that you have enrolled in or completed. So the part-time proofreader needs to apply on this site as soon as possible.

7. Gramlee

Gramlee is also a wonderful website for part-time proofreaders. You can work from home and earn money. You need to submit an employment application form and wait for it to get approved.

8. Scribe Writing

People interested in book editing can choose this site for applying for proofreading. Sometimes we apply for proofreading and notice that no vacancies are available currently. You need to worry no more because you can set email reminders that will give you reminders whenever there is any vacancy.

9. EditFast

Editfast gets 40 percent of the project price. You get 60 percent of the project price on completion of a project. You need to get yourself registered and then pass an Editfast review and you are done. Now it depends on clients that will apply to you for proofreading works.

10. Wordfirm Inc.

This site is great for doing proofreading. The only problem is that you need to complete a lengthy application. So if you are fine with giving yourself time for completing an application, then it is superfine.


What ProofReading Tools Do I Need?

There are some proofreading tools that you need to proofread. Firstly, you need a laptop or computer system to work on. You can choose any of them according to your convenience. Now you need some other tools for doing proofreader.

1. Grammarly

Firstly, you need to have a tool named Grammarly. As the name suggests, it will help you in detecting grammatical mistakes. It will help you to save your time, and hence you must have this online tool. This tool is amazing as it allows you to change the spelling or word if you want or not.

2. Google Docs

Google Docs is an amazing app that you must have. It is super easy to use Google Docs. You can store a lot of documents, and you can also share them with your clients easily. Google Docs also allows you to scan the document and shows you any grammatical mistakes.

The final decision is up to you if you want to change the words or not. So it is an amazing app that you must have for proofreading works.

3. Dropbox

There are some people who use Google Docs, and some don’t. Hence it is very important to have an alternative for Google Docs. Dropbox can be an alternative for Google Docs. So you should have an account in this app too.

How to Become an At-Home Proofreader?

There are many ways to become an at-home proofreader. You can also choose to do a proofreading course before applying for a proofreading job. Some common proofreading courses come with 40+ lessons, many worksheets, real-life example jobs, etc.

A proofreading course will give you a glimpse of a proofreading job. It means you already know how to work and what kinds of work you will get. So overall it is a good decision to do a proofreading course.

How to Qualify to Be an Online Proofreader?

As stated before, you need to have a good command of grammar and spelling. You also need to have the ability to detect any grammatical errors quickly. You will have to pass the test given by the organizations you are applying to. So after qualifying for the test, you will start working from them. It is as simple as that.

Is Proofreading a Career?

Proofreading is definitely a career for those who are interested in it. So you can choose to do proofreading as a part-time job as well as a full-time job. There are many articles available at different places. All these articles, books, etc., need proofreading.

So proofreading is definitely a career. There are many jobs available online other than proofreading. Every job has a career if you are willing to put in hard work.


Proofreading job is a wonderful job for earning money. People with skills in detecting grammatical mistakes must try a proofreading job. Proofreading can be done from being at home. Hence there are many advantages of doing proofreading.

I have tried to list ten sites above that allow you to do proofreading. Proofreading can be done as a part-time job as well as a full-time job. I wish you all the best if you are starting a proofreader as a beginner. Suggest us anything if you think we have missed relating to proofreading.