Top 7 Best Project Management Software in 2023

To save your effort and time Project Management Software is at your rescue. Doing all the assigning the project task and updating the progress of your project manually takes a lot of energy and time. To manage your project by repeatedly updating the spreadsheets and keeping the tally of tasks assigned manually is inefficient and time-consuming.

A Project Management Software gives to complete overview of the project at a glance, the progress you have made, the tasks assigned, and how well the team members are working. With the help of the right software tool, you will be able to work effectively and efficiently.

Project Management

Project Management Software are used by a variety of enterprises, businesses, and individuals for planning the projects, scheduling the tasks, allocating resources for different tasks, and deciding the approximate time duration required to complete the task.

This serves as a one-stop destination for the project manager and the entire team where they can find all the documents and files of the project and can keep a record of the same. It also helps in controlling the budget and improving the quality of teamwork. It serves as a platform for smooth collaboration among the project stakeholders and team members.


Top 7 Best Project Management Software in 2023

A good Project Management Software includes basic features of management and allocation of resources, collaboration between colleagues, and managing the budget.

Few things that you can consider while selecting a Project Management Software for yourself or your business:

  • Task Lists- how well the software is able to assign and update the status of tasks to ensure everyone in the team is on the same level.
  • Schedules- software must be able to schedule the task through calendars, for a better view of a task where it fits the best and how much time is there to complete it.
  • File Sharing- the software should organize and manage the sharing of files efficiently by eliminating time wasted on searching for files.
  • Communication- there should be a smooth flow of communication among the team members for quickly solving any problems that may arise.
  • Reporting- this is important in making sure that the project is moving forward and the task assigned is completed in a timely manner.

Keeping these points in mind, the following are few of the best project management software that you can select from.

1. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is popular project management software used by businesses and enterprises that value simplistic design and interfaces with great user experience. You can monitor, watch, tag and schedule the tasks easily. It also has its very unique separate personal board where you can pin the tasks from any particular project in organized and proper manner.

You can use its free version that has the basic features and some selected functions. Its pro version cost $8.25 per month and per user that offers more extensive feature set for a single user. Its business plan cost $20.75 per month, per user and you can also request for a customised enterprise plans.

2. Basecamp

Basecamp is a widely used project management software among large enterprises. It offers its users many unique collaborative features and a separate discussion area to discuss the project and related tasks. Users can also take part in the discussions through emails.

Basecamp software has a powerful search tool to locate any files or conversations by simple and direct keywords. It is totally free of cost for teachers and students and businesses can purchase it for $99 per month.

3. Nifty

Nifty is an advanced project management tool that helps in reducing the project development cycles and improving team productivity. It is software that has all the basic and important features of other project management software. It has a built in calendar that can be integrated with Google and allows file and document sharing.

Every project has individual discussion areas to encourage the team member only project specific conversations. It offers different pricing structures such as, $39 per month for 10 team members, $79 per month for 25 team members and $124 for 50 team members. In every plan the team can invite as many guests and clients as they want.

4. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork project is a great tool for all the power project managers. It helps the manager and his team to track the development of the project on daily basis. The software app is very flexible with several intuitive features such as task management, messaging within the app, storage of documents and other important files and time tracking tool.

The users of Teamwork Projects can easily visualize the project tasks in the marked calendar and Gantt charts. Its pricing can range anywhere from $69 a month to $269 a month depending upon the size of the office or business. It also offers an enterprise package that can be customized according to your need.

5. ProofHub

ProofHub is an online project management application that is loved by all those managers that like simplicity in their work with efficiency on the other hand. The clients and groups can discuss and share information about their projects and track the progress made. It also allows its users to create custom roles and assign tasks.

Its basic features include time tracking, calendar, file managing, discussion threads, workflows, and in-app notifications of all the important announcements. Its pricing varies between $45 a month to $99 a month depending upon the number of projects and storage space needed.

6. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects has a clean and straightforward interface that is preferred by many project managers. It covers almost everything starting from planning the project to tracking the progress of the project to submission of the final reports within the app.

It offers a free trial plan for 1 project with 10MB storage, an express plan for $25 per month, a premium plan for $50 per month, and an enterprise plan for $80. These all plans differ in the number of projects and storage space they offer.

7. Trello

Trello is more of a kanban tool that will help its users to visualize the entire project in just one glance. It displays the everyday to-do list and conversation groups.

Its pricing structure is not so different than other project management software. It also offers a free package with limited functionality, a business class package for only $9.99 a month that includes unlimited power-ups, and an enterprise plan for $20.83 per month that has all the features it offers.

Final Thoughts

To save your efforts and time you should try project management software. You should choose the software very wisely keeping in mind the feature you require, the size of your business and project team, and the price you can spend on such software.