Pioneer Quest Where are They Now 2018

The Canadian documentary series Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West premiered in 2001 on History and the Public Broadcasting Service.

First in the “Quest series” by producer Jamie Brown, which also includes Quest for the Bay (2002). Klondike: The Quest for Gold (2003), and Quest for the Sea (2005). (2004). Location shooting happened north of Argyle, Manitoba.

Pioneer Quest Where are They Now 2018


Pioneer Quest Where are They Now 2018

In the same year, a Canadian reality show called Pioneer Quest: A Year In The Real West premiered that seemed to be about nothing much. It was intended to be a serious look at what it was like to be a pioneer in the 19th century.

From among thousands of hopefuls, two couples were handpicked to spend a year in the Manitoba wilderness with no modern conveniences. It’s something to look forward to as a challenging and exciting adventure.

These couples were picked because of their complementary skill sets and pleasant demeanors (specifically, farmers and hunters were favoured).

The irony here is that the producers actively avoided creating any sort of tension. For these four people to make it through the next year together, they knew it was imperative that they get along.

The screening process that resulted in the final four, newlyweds Frank and Alana Logie, age 20, and Tom and Pat Ziolkoski, ages 51 and 50, is described in the first episode.

Couples Face Reality of  City After Pioneer Year on TV Show

If you decide to spend a year in the past, you might find it difficult to readjust to modern life.

Getting your bearings can be challenging for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for someone who has been living the life of a settler on the prairie since the year 1870.

For the TV show Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West, two couples have agreed to try reliving an era of prairie history from the inside out.

Frank and Alana Logie, from Fergus, Ontario, and Tim and Deanna Treadway, from Kenora. Ontario, appeared the picture of health yesterday as they met the media in a replica cabin, set in a Winnipeg park.

Their made-in-Canada Survivor-style epic has now come to an end. Still, they all admitted that returning to city life had brought some unpleasant surprises.

Pioneer Quest Plot

The plot of A Year In The Real West’s nine episodes centres on two couples who decide to live like pioneers in the American West. A horse-drawn cart will bring them to an empty patch of prairie in June.

They want to build a home, rear livestock, go hunting, fishing, and planting crops within a year using only 1870s technology and materials. There is no working water system. There is currently a lack of power.

There was a lack of toilet paper and other comforts. They have to fend for themselves, construct shelter, and weather the elements. In order to succeed, they need to collaborate, bearing the burden of the task jointly, as well as the stress of setbacks and the satisfaction of achievements.


The two couples were among the original one thousand applicants for the History Channel reality show, which was created by Winnipeg’s Credo Entertainment Corp.

They were relocated in June to a 32-hectare piece of unbroken land near the hamlet of Argyle. About 30 minutes northwest of Winnipeg, with the promise of $100,000 for each couple should they survive. Thanks for reading our article Pioneer Quest Where are They Now 2018.