Personal Finance planning is very important for better financial stability. It helps to save a good amount of money for the future. For better financial planning, it is necessary to maintain all your financial data.

You can maintain that with the help of financial software programs that will build a budget, analyze your investment’s performance, and track your expenses. Along with maintaining your finance, it also helps in financial planning, such as creating a plan, assessing, and monitoring the finance.

Personal Finance Software

If put simply, then personal finance software analyses your financial condition through the data of your financial statements and helps you accomplish your goals and targets. It can help you achieve your goal by providing details, including reduction of unnecessary expenses, monitoring investments, and increasing income.

Top 7 Personal Finance Software In 2021

1. Quicken

It is one of the prime money management software that helps you to track your income along with your expenses and cash spending. As the users need to give the details of income and expenses, the software will calculate all the balances and track your cash flow.

It categorizes the financial data in graphs and pie charts which helps the users analyze the business performance and where to reduce the expenses. The software can also predict the investment and growth of small businesses.

It supports online banking, that is, if you want to transfer money between accounts, you can do it, provided you have an internet connection and some paperwork done.

2. Mint

It is a free service that helps you to track all of your expenses and build a budget. For using Mint, you must sync all or, if not, the financial accounts you want to utilize. It has easy-to-use software and programs. It has a money management feature that helps the consumers in paying the bills on time, monitoring the expenses, and saving money for the future.

Mint allows the users to categorize their purchases for a better and accurate financial picture. You can also customize the notification as per your needs and set it for a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

3. Mvelopes

It provides simple and straightforward tools to manage your finances and expenses and thus, in a process, helps you to achieve your financial goals. You can connect your financial accounts with the application.

You can also make digital transactions from the bank account with the help of Mvelopes. With tracking your expenses and income you can also get professional support; the courses provide content on how you can reduce debts and also not get into it again.

You can take the help of a personal financial coach that gives knowledge about how you can handle your finances, implement plans and achieve financial wellbeing


The software effectively helps you to manage your finance. The feature of progress bars, which is at a glance visualization, shows you how close you are to reaching your goals, what are your expenses compared to the budget.

Your weekly goals help to track your progress and spending. You can also do a mobile search to search for the transactions in the mobile app. It also has learning material that will help you right at the moment of help and when you require it the most. Moreover, you can work on debt management by setting realistic goals.

5. Turbo Tax

It provides tax preparation tools that help you in tax preparation so that you can accurately file your tax return. Users can track their expenses, and it guides them to identify business purchases with its feature of ExpenseFinder.

Users can store tax documents on the servers for protection and access. Users can also connect with experts specialized in self-employment taxes that help them to file taxes.

You can get a detailed review of the entire tax return through the feature of CompleteCheck, suggesting changes before filling. You get the convenience of e-filling the tax returns through internet-connected mobile or computer.

6. FutureAdvisor

On creating an account, FutureAdvisor offers free portfolio analysis and required advice. It is useful in the case of recommendations regarding investment strategies. For this, you need to link your financial accounts to FutureAdvisor.

The best services include Retirement Planning which helps you to better your portfolio through recommendations and funds analyses. You can also let them manage your assets and investments.

It has a library that has beneficial articles and content to help you in the time you want a solution regarding managing your personal finance. Moreover, it has a chart to show differences in returns and fees and advices plans for financial stability.

7. Personal Capital

It is a free budgeting platform where you can link your accounts and get access to the dashboard, which is just like any other developed budgeting app.

You can also get to know about the portfolio performance and track the invested money. From the ‘retirement planner’ page, you can figure out how much you are likely to save.

For gaining access to robo-advisor wealth management features, you are required to have $100,000 in assets and in a condition to pay higher fees. This helps you with retirement and investment questions, makes realistic plans and goals, and proper analysis of how you can achieve that.


Personal finance software is an application that helps to manage your personal finances. Many software covers many aspects of financial goals, while some are specific in purposes such as budget planning, investing, money-saving, debt management, or tax preparation.

Personal finance software work on the basis of your financial and personal data provided by you and then links your software with financial accounts, credit cards, or other financial institutions. As it gets insights into your account, it then monitors your spending and savings, following with which it can provide you plans for financial stability such as reminders for saving, investment advice, and budget plans.

Everyone makes some kind of financial mistake. Learn from these financial mistakes and strive for financial wellbeing