PC Market is Gone Back to 2012 Level

The market for the PC had gone down a lot in the few previous years, and that was not good news for the tech firms. But last year had been different as we can see an increase in the demand for species.

It is indeed to say that the PC market is going back to the 2012 level. That was when the demand for the PC was at a high. We are seeing the same trend now, which seems to be good news for the tech firms.


PC Market is Gone Back to 2012 Level

PC market is gone back to 2012 level

The PC market grew around 14.8 % in the last year. That is a lot if you are wondering considering the size of the market and thus we saw a very good way of numbers which showed that a huge number of desktops and laptops had been sold in the last year. This had been the largest sale made of the PC since the year 2012, so that is a long time ago.

This is a good recovery for the field. Since there had been a lot of technology-related problems and the investors calling it a sleepy investor, this industry had gone down hugely owing to the sluggish pace that it had been going on.

Well, now the tables seem to have turned since last year had been living proof that the industry had made a come back in full force. This had drawn the interest of a lot of technology companies and investors. Maybe they are going to give an uphill chart from now on.


The critical thing to note here is that the chip shortage had also been a thing last year, and despite that, the industry recovered. It makes you think what would have happened if there was no chip shortage going on. Maybe the sales would have been much more by then.