Well, you have to pay good attention to the people and what they are demanding. For example, the semiconductor shortage that we have is now going on very poorly and this will be not solved in a matter of minutes or months.

WallStreet is making the mistake of not taking it as seriously as it should. This is all according to one particular investor named Paul Meeks. We know that this guy knows his stuff so we are paying attention to what he has to say about the matter and you should too.

Paul Meeks Won't Put New Money to Work in Apple and Other FAANG Names, Blames Chip Shortage That Could Extend Through 2023

“This is a problem that might be that kind of problem that persists deep into 2023,” he said to the news on Friday. He is the Independent Solutions Wealth Management portfolio manager. As we said, he knows his stuff and what he is talking about.

“Some of these companies actually will not be able to ship units. And if they can’t ship units, they might disappoint on their earnings,” he said. “Their stocks are so expensive that they could go down. Not go down a bit, they could go down a lot.”

A lot of companies and people are already struggling with the supply Shortage now. It is only going to get worse in the future and Wall street is not paying enough attention to this.

“I also like semiconductor capital equipment,” he said in a statement of the news. “But you have to be a sharpshooter because not only do you have to judge if their products are in favor or out of favor… you also have to figure out who has best executed their supply chains.”

This is all that we know for now.