Opinion | The Mike Pence Saga Tells Us More Than We Want to Know

Gail: The comparisons are excellent. Furthermore, it’s likely that you’re thinking too much about Mike Pence.

As you can see, Bret rises through the ranks of the Moral Majority of the Republican Party before uniting with the most morally bankrupt man to ever receive the support of a major party for the presidency.

It would have made more sense when Phyllis Schlafly and Larry Flynt made the decision to go away.

Opinion | The Mike Pence Saga Tells Us More Than We Want to Know


Opinion | The Mike Pence Saga Tells Us More Than We Want to Know

Pence was the most subservient and servile vice president in history during his four years in office. Meat Loaf, a musician, may have said he would do anything for Trump’s love, but he wouldn’t openly attempt to rig the election.

Trump gives Pence to the mob as payment, and they go looking for him and try to hang him. At this moment, it appears improbable that Vice President Mike Pence will ever steer the Republican Party away from supporting President Trump.

I’m persuaded by your argument that Pence lacks the guts to defend himself. You can see that you never know by looking at what happened to Mitt Romney.

Bret: Romney is a Christian with a specific set of views, like Pence. Nikki Haley won’t be the Republican nominee, in my opinion. She should be more pro-Trump, but she isn’t. I’m supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for president, with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott as his choice for vice president. Crazy?

Gail exclaims, “Oh My God.” both worlds at their best. There is supposedly a “Ron Be Gone” movement growing in Florida. Tim, Don’t Get In” might be possible to be incorporated into it. Instead, you might just say, “Not Scott!”

DeSantis is a very wise politician, as you are aware. Along with being close to Trump, he has a talent for mocking the media. He made an attempt to protect older houses from the pandemic, similar to Andrew “I’ll be standing” Cuomo, in contrast to liberals who would never give him credit for it.

Last Words

Scott’s inclusion on the G.O.P. ticket may possibly sway some black voters away from the Democrats, or at the very least encourage white suburban voters to support a ticket that progressives will undoubtedly condemn as racist.