OnePlus 10 Pro’s 150-Degree Wide-Angle Photo Mode

In the new announcement made by OnePlus, we have been made aware of the lovely and powerful new camera that the new OnePlus 10 pro is going to have. People in the tech world are raving around it. We do know that at all times, the cameras of the OnePlus phone had been great, but this is something new, and this had caught the eye of many people around here.

You can definitely see that they have been releasing specific info about this new phone slowly to draw the crowd, and it is working. The ting details about the phone had got the people hooked as they wait for more. Now, if we go into specifications, then we have heard the announcement that the phone has a really wide-angle camera.

OnePlus 10 Pro's 150-Degree Wide-Angle Photo Mode

This is a camera that is going to sport a maximum 150-degree field of view. That is a lot more than the other phones. The other cameras are probably equipped with the 120 degrees turn at the most. OnePlus has gone ahead with the fisheye mode to take ultra-wide-angle photos, which turns out amazing.

All this seems well, and a good buy then comes into the Realme GT 2 Pro scene. This is also sporting a 150-degree wide field of view. This does seem to be making a tough competition for OnePlus. The phones are not out in the market yet, but there are talks going on, and this presence of the other phone is causing the crowd to be divided into two groups. Well, we are sure that some people will prefer one over the other.

Competition aside, it does seem that the phones are really in a good place and they are both very much justified to cause all this excitement. Get your hands on one of them if you are looking forward to it.