One of Roxane Gay’s Go-To Recipes

It has been about three years since the 46-year-old multihyphenate media personality — a writer for print and broadcast media, a columnist, and a podcaster — made Los Angeles her home.

In an interview with T, Roxane Gay said she’s “gone full L.A.,” which means she’s started drinking juices, doing cleanses, and going to the farmers’ market to buy “super-fresh produce.”

One of Roxane Gay’s Go-To Recipes


One of Roxane Gay’s Go-To Recipes

Gay, a designer, branding consultant, educator, writer, and podcaster, and the couple eloped last year after Gay was a guest on Debbie Millman’s podcast “Design Matters,” but she still travels to New York City with their new puppy, Maximus Toretto Blueberry, around every two months.

Gay arrived in the kitchen after everyone else. When she was growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, she and her siblings only ate what their mother made.

Gay claims that she doesn’t recall food playing such a significant role in her family’s life, but she does recall her mother’s griot, a meal of marinated pork shoulder in citrus and chiles, and her mother’s macaroni and cheese from Haiti made with béchamel.

Like many young people, she remembers feeling insecure about herself in her early twenties. She was, however, working on her own for the first time when she was hired as a lecturer at Eastern Illinois University in 2010. Because there was little meat available at the time, vegetarians had few options.

I had to learn how to cook in order to eat anything other than McDonald’s french fries and iceberg lettuce, claims Gay. When she got home from work, she enjoyed watching “Barefoot Contessa” on the Food Network.

Last Words

“She just made cooking look like such a delight, as Gay says, with her concentration on high-quality products and her lovely demeanour.

I wanted to enjoy it and not feel guilty about it; it wasn’t my original intention for the book to be so transformative for me, but the process of writing “Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body,” which explores her relationship with food and trauma, allowed Gay to change her perspective on food yet again “she claims. Thanks for reading our article One of Roxane Gay’s Go-To Recipes.