Olympic Skateboarding Horigome Soars and Huston Stumbles

Skateboarding has been accepted into the Olympics in TOKYO because to its widespread appeal, street-based origins, youthful exuberance, and acceptance of various forms of culture.


Olympic Gold Medalists are nearby, within a few blocks.

Yuto Horigome, 22, of Tokyo, won a gold medal for street skateboarding on Sunday in a deserted, scorching skatepark more than eight miles from his home.

Olympic Skateboarding Horigome Soars and Huston Stumbles

The venue’s grandchildren were empty because to pandemic measures, but the volunteer army in Ariake Urban Sports Park gave him the loudest cheers.

Results of Success

Success will nevertheless have an effect. Even though Ryota, Horigome’s father, lived only a few miles away and had originally taught Yuto to ride, was afraid, he couldn’t watch the race in person.

He borrowed the assistance of a neighbour who was immediately recognisable as he exited the family’s third-floor apartment on his bicycle.

His phone eventually became overrun with calls and text messages. He understood what that implied.

Yuto won the battle. In Japan, where skateboarding is still unbeatable and frequently illegal, there is a gold medal skateboarder on the streets.

Location of his birth

Horigome refers to the Koto ward, which includes his family’s home and the skateboarding facility, as the place where he was born and started skateboarding.

“It’s an honour to serve the citizens of the Koto ward,” I say, “yet my head is still reeling from the idea that I’m in Rio for the Olympics.”

Horigome’s success was not a surprise. He has since won the Rome World Championship and is expected to take home a medal in the Olympics.

The Competition’s most well-known Skateboarder, Nyjah Huston, is of Particular Interest.

Huston’s chances of adding an Olympic medal to his super duper trophy back home were shattered by his four straight falls on Sunday. He placed eighth overall.

It seems like the roots are in control of many of the best competitors, which makes clean landings challenging to achieve. Huston acknowledged the strain he was under but cautioned against trying out novel methods.

The “Caballero kickflip backside lipslide with a fakie 360 flip” move he had been practising all week kept failing. Its performance during an Olympic final determined whether it would receive a medal or an apology. It is reportedly difficult.

Final Words

He said Huston was to blame for it. “I’m not embarrassed to say that I’ve let a few people down. However, I’m only human, you know. In other words, we’re a group of guys who skateboard. We aren’t always successful in our endeavours, despite our best efforts. For the record, a lot of labour goes into it.”

Even though it came as a surprise, Huston’s absence from the podium allowed fellow American Jagger Eaton to beat out Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler for the bronze medal.