North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile: South Korea

According to the news given by South Korea, North Korea is going on and doing something crazy. It had fired an unidentified projectile into the East Sea. This had happened on Tuesday. This had been reported by the South Korea Military.

They, however, did not mention the fact that what kind of projectile Pyongyang had fired, and they did not mention how far it went into the sea or the distance that it flew either. So the info that we have right now is very vague, and that is a problem concerning what it really is.

North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Says South Korea

South Korea had gone, and then they have discussed this matter at the presidential office. They have said that the national security council of the country is going to convene on the issue at a point in the near future, and they are going to discuss the matter of this projectile and the strangeness of the situation.

“The presidential office have decided that they will be holding the national security meeting along with the national security council’s standing of the committee members,” was said by Park Kyung-mi, who is the presidential spokesperson. He said this to the briefing, and that was reported to the news.

Japan is also on alert now. It has gone ahead and issued a maritime safety advisory to ships, and they have made on a weapon that had landed on the matter at hand. The associated press has reported on this matter. North Korea had been testing some of the long-range missiles that had been said to be successful, but now this strange turn of events does seem to be very suspicious if we say so.

Things are agitated, and the surrounding countries like South Korea and Japan have been very stressed, and they are trying to figure out what is the thing that was dropped into the sea. Was it a missile? Was it just Nothing? Well, we do not know for sure.

Everything seems to be in a frenzy right now. That’s all for now. We will keep you updated if we get any news from the sources about this matter.