How To ‘NFL Com Activate’ On Streaming Devices (Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, PS4, etc.)

The national football league popularly known as NFL is a professional football league. Formerly known as American Professional Football Association (APFA), was started in 1920 and was renamed as NFL in 1922.

It consists of 32 teams, equally divided between National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC). NFL Network comes in with many great surprises for all their football enthusiasts.

Thursday Night Football is aired live on it. It also gives the benefit of streaming all pre-season games, either live or re-aired in addition to thorough coverage of all NFL events.

NFL Com Activate

The craze, passion, and dedication towards the sport is what keeps it alive, so, we have come up with this article that will guide you step-by-step on how to install, Activate and use NFL services through the official link of

There are various devices on which NFL can be installed and many fans are facing difficulty in installing NFL on such devices. So, if you follow our step-by-step guide, you will have no trouble activating NFL on different platforms.

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Before beginning the streaming, make sure you have the following essentials.

  1. A stable internet or wi-fi connection.
  2. A subscription to the NFL Network.
  3. A supporting cable or TV provider.
  4. Your desired appliance, like Mobile, tablet, or TV.


About NFL Channel and Subscription

The most popular football channel for any football fan is the NFL channel. By subscribing to the NFL Network, you can watch all the updates of all your favorite team in one place. It comes with another benefit, you can easily get access to all the previous season games with an NFL Game Pass subscription.

You can also get all the previous highlights of every game without facing any problem. In addition to it, NFL Network had launched its NFL app for Android, iPhone, and other streaming devices owners.

To sign for an NFL channel account, visit the official If you want the app, simply download it and Activate it via activation code. Another benefit is that it provides is that you can make the payment in installments.

How To Download NFL App?

To download the NFL app, follow up with the steps given below:

Step 1: At first, visit the channel store on your desired streaming device.

Step 2: Further, in the search bar, type NFL and click enter.

Step 3: let’s move ahead, start downloading the application on your device.

Step 4: Once the download is completed, move on with installing it on your device.

Step 5: Finally, run the application on the device and enter the NFL Game Pass Activation Code.

Step 6: Visit the link for the game pass.

Your registered mobile number or email will receive the activation code. The code will be displayed on the device screen until the execution of the process.

Remember, the NFL Game Pass Activation is valid only for one-time use. If you want to generate a new Activation code, visit

How To Activate NFL on Roku at

First, ensure that you have added the NFL Network Channel from the channel list on your Roku device. After this step, you can safely Activate using the code that will appear on the screen. Follow the steps given below to launch NFL Channel on your Roku device.

Step 1: At first, press the Home button on your remote, it will take you to Roku Home Screen.

Step 2: Second, go to the search option, access it to search for NFL Network.

Step 3: Further, select the NFL Network option and then select Add Channel option tab to install the application. After this, it will be made available on your screen.

Step 4: let’s move ahead, once the installation is complete, launch the app.

Step 5: Upon launching the app, you will receive an activation code on your screen. Note it down somewhere.

Step 6: Further on your device, visit to get your authentication code. It will be sent to your registered mobile number or Email ID.

Step 7: Finally from your device, to access the NFL Game pass, you have to sign in by visiting, enter the code that appeared on your screen, then log into your NFL Game Pass Account.

And this is how you can Activate NFL Channel on your Roku Device without any interruption.

How To Activate NFL on Amazon Fire TV?

You do not need to download the NFL application on your Fire TV as it already has a built-in official NFL app. If it doesn’t have one then simply open the Fire tv and download the NFL app on it.

Below are the steps to launch on your Amazon Fire TV.

Step 1: At first, launch the Fire TV app and click the Settings option.

Step 2: Second, search for the NFL app and select the device you want to Activate it on.

Step 3: Finally, click on the Connect option to start watching the NFL Game Pass subscription on your Amazon device.

Follow the same steps to run it on Amazon Firestick.

How To Activate NFL Game Pass on XBOX?

Following are the steps to Activate NFL on your Xbox and connect to all the latest NFL highlights.

Step 1: At first, turn on your Xbox device, go to the Xbox Channel and download the NFL App on your device.

Step 2: Upon the completion of download and installation, go to the Xbox menu and click on the Activate Channel.

Step 3: Now, from the drop-down menu, select your cable TV provider, and then you will receive an Activation code.

Step 4: Now, visit from your device and enter the activation code.

Step 5: Upon entering the code, you will get a successfully logged-in message. Activation Guide

To be able to access NFL Channel on your Sony Play Station 4, you need to download and sign in to your NFL app.

Follow up with the steps given below to complete the procedure.

Step 1: At first, on your PS4 Device, visit the home screen > TV > Video.

Step 2: In case you are not able to get any results, go to the play station store and download the NFL app.

Step 3: Now, from the drop-down menu, choose your cable TV provider, and then you will receive the activation code. Note it down.

Step 4: Finally, go to the link, from your device and enter the code and press continue to finish the procedure.

How To Watch the NFL on Apple TV?

To access NFL Game Pass on your Apple TV, you need to Activate the app on it. Follow up on the instructions for the activation process.

Step 1: A first, launch your Apple TV and go to the Apple App Store.

Step 2: Second, in the App Store, search for the NFL Game Pass app.

Step 3: Further, click on the Get button to download and install it

Step4: Now, lunch the app on your Apple TV and sign in to your NFL Game Pass Application.

Step 5: After logging in, you will see the activation code on your screen along with the guidelines for the activation process.

Step 6: Further, if you are not able to get the activation code, go to the setting option in the app to find the code.

Step 7: Once you have the activation code, open the link, into your device’s browser.

Step 8: Once the page is launched, enter the activation code in the field provided and select Continue.

Step 9: Follow the ongoing instructions for the completion of the activation process.

Step 10: Finally, upon completion of activation, you can watch your favorite content on your Apple TV.

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NFL has made it easy for football fans to access everything about the sport on multiple devices. The article contains such platforms that allow the user to get access to the NFL Channel. Go through the article and see which option suits you best. Make sure to follow the above steps properly to get the desired result.