Dr. Scott Gottlieb has done research on this topic, and he had made an announcement to the news and made a warning to everyone about the possibility of long-term memory loss or brain damage to the patients that are suffering from coronavirus. Even though this news is terrifying and can cause panic among the people, it is still essential to keep the masses informed about this new development.

“In short, the study suggests that there could be some long-term loss of brain tissue from Covid, and that would have some long-term consequences,” the former FDA chief and CNBC contributor said.

New Covid-19 Study Shows Long Term Damage To Brain Tissue

The study and research had been done in the United Kingdom, where the brain structure and function of people are checked before and after the affected coronavirus infection. The main purpose of this was to look for the effect that coronavirus has on the central nervous system and the neurons.

“You could compensate for that over time, so the symptoms of that may go away, but you’re never going to regain the tissue if, in fact, it’s being destroyed as a result of the virus,” said Gottlieb. He also said that the destruction of the brain tissue could also be causing the loss of smell and taste in the people who are infected by Covid-19.

This has created a lot of discussion among the people. However, the ultimate result or announcement had not been made yet. This is something that is going to add to the distress of the pandemic. But we have to be well prepared for it.