7 Best Network Monitoring Tools

In the upcoming digital world, the need of new technology updates is immensely required. The advancement of technology would set up new protocols for a new generation. Network monitoring is one such technology that provides information to the network administrators about the optimal usage of a network. In order to proactively identify the deficiencies of business and to bring optimum efficiency, network monitoring software word developed.

A system is a tool that helps determine the performance and track the operation of a network. They are a savior tool for network administrators. It becomes easy to identify the connection failure and issues of unusual activities in a device.

Network Monitoring Tools

Basically, networking monitoring protocols are of three types, first the Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP, second Internet Control Message Protocol ICMP, and the Cisco discovery protocol. These protocols are the rules that are usually set for a device on a network to communicate with other devices.


7 Best Network Monitoring Tools

1. Solarwind Network Performance Monitor

Solar wind N PM is one of the easiest to use software and has the most easily manageable interface. Easy customizations can also be performed on the system. You also get a 30-day free trial before you actually start using it.

The NPM system has a large list of features that makes it one of the most favorable monitoring solution. It can automatically track devices for support. Easy analysis of performance dashboards and network paths can be seamlessly done.

Moreover, it also comes with an alerting system for simple or complex triggers. Dead Wi-Fi spots can easily be discovered with the help of Wi-Fi networks created by the system.

2. PRTG Network Monitor

BR TG network monitor is a windows networking monitoring software that was developed by Paessler in 2001. It is also an agentless network that retrieves the information using communication protocols.

The network monitoring tool is sensor-based software. it has approximately 200 different sensors that easily detect statistical information which is later processed into dashboards and critical reports.

One of the most amazing features of the PRTG network monitor is its app based interface for stop it also allows to communication through push notifications on smartphones. The monitor system also classifies the system conditions and collects the data from miscellaneous hosts and other devices.

3. Manage Engine OPManager

Manage Engine OPManager is the best tool to monitor and analyze a system. It can automatically perform network mapping and can also perform the SNMP manager role.

Its auto-discovery function easily assembles the inventory. However, it is an on-premise system. It can also be termed as an infrastructure management tool that contains predefined monitoring parameters. The monitor solution can easily be purchased for $595 which allows up to 25 devices.

A range of network topologies can be easily set which identify system problems that will stop it also sends alerts for any issues via email or SMS. Moreover, the system has an easily customizable interface.

4. What’sUP Gold2017

What’sUP Gold 2017Is a monitoring solution that lets you build real-time connectivity automatically and automatically adds the devices will stop the monitoring information received gets saved under a separate tab. It allows a user to see the process and handle the IT problem faster.

The device is a network topology informative system. The up and down maintenance of your device can be easily navigated. You need not jump onto different apps to track the data. The information is analyzed at a new workplace through which it is easier to work on all areas of the network. The dashboard is built with a convenient view under the Add Report tab. WUG 2017, provides an intuitive user experience and acts on issues faster than any other system.

5. Nagios XI

Nagios XI Is an expert-designed system that monitors the operating system and network protocols. It deals with IT infrastructure monitoring. The agent-driven system cheque the stats and collect the required information to create charts and reports. The monitoring system can also automatically generate alerts for triggers or issues.

Nagios XI uses two types of protocols to monitor the devices. A highly efficient work processor allows the system to monitor the server’s performance. Layouts can be easily customized giving the team member the flexibility to operate. The monitoring solution offers you an online demo or a free trial download.

6. Zabbix

Is a network monitoring software tool that helps easy and seamless network monitor configuration using XML-based template. The Discovery of devices and servers is administered automatically. It has a centralized web administration which lets a user distribute the monitoring through a collection of data.

It has notification capabilities that provide alerts through SMS and emails. Moreover, it provides a real-time mechanism for monitoring. A web-based interface is followed by the system with agent and non-agent capabilities.

However, Zabbix is not supported on windows rather, it allows to access the system and perform polling and trapping of data.

7. ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate is a network monitoring solution that has some cool features too easily extend the support to IT infrastructure monitoring. It was formerly known as Labtec. This version is a new cloud-based solution. automatic device discoveries are carried away by the system and provides easy network visibility.

One of the amazing features is its remote control interface. It easily allows you to have access to remote meetings and resolve the issues. Another feature that makes the system unique is its Patch Management Feature.

Final Words

Network monitoring tools are highly required by the network administrators over seamless operations. These tools are highly usable and efficient monitoring solutions also they not only help to optimize the infrastructure but also remap the devices to give out the best value of the existing infrastructure.

These systems take care of the device performance and make records of the issues. We advise the users to look for an SNMP-based device system in the monitoring tool. Hence, these were some of the top seven network monitoring software which is suggested to every network administrator.