Modi Meets Kamala Harris Ahead of Bilateral Talks With Biden and Quad Summit

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had gone ahead and met with the United States Vice President Kamala Harris. This happened on Thursday before the start of the three-day official visit. We can also say that it is a part of a three-day official visit stateside.

The two leaders have met, and they have exchanged views on a number of issues that is causing them trouble or something that is troublesome. This is including the situation in Afghanistan, tackling climate change, the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the United States and India’s commitment towards the Indo-Pacific region. This information is given by the foreign minister of India.

Modi Meets Kamala Harris Ahead of Bilateral Talks With Biden and Quad Summit

They have also taken the point and discussed the potential cooperation in several areas that can result out of the two countries. This can result in the areas of space, technology, and health care. There may be several other results and fields that have been discussed.

The meeting with Kamala Harris is one day before the official meeting between Narendra Modi and the President of the United States, Joe Biden. It is scheduled and going to happen soon anyway.

Narendra Modi is very well versed in Hindi and he spoke in that language only at the joint meeting. At the joint meeting, Modi said that the United States and India are natural partners and that they have the sharing of similar values and geopolitical interests. He has also stated that the friendship and cooperation between the two countries are growing, and they have continued to increase each and every day.

“India, of course, is a very important partner to the United States,” Harris added. “Throughout our history, our nations have worked together, have stood together, to make our world a safer and stronger world.”

“The United States, like India, feels very strongly about the pride of being a member of the Indo-Pacific, but also the fragility and the importance and strength as well, of those relationships, including maintaining a free and open Indo-Pacific,” she said in her statement.

There are several days left for the official visit where many things can happen, and many more talks are likely to happen. We will be reporting on the matter as well as we can. So keep your eyes on the news, and you will be kept updated with this matter at hand.