7 Best Mind Mapping Software

What is a good way to present your ideas to others? I mean if it is just for you then you can just scribble on your notebook and you will know what you have written or what you were planning just by looking at the few scribbles but if you are going to present the idea to someone then you need a more concrete manner of things to do. This is where the mind mapping software comes in.

So which ones are the best mind mapping software out there? Do not worry because we are here to solve your problem with this article. Today in the article we are going to talk about some of the best mind mapping software out there. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Mind Mapping Software


7 Best Mind Mapping Software of 2023

These are the 7 best mind mapping software of 2023 that you can find out there. You should be going through all the articles one by one. So that you know all of them and then you can make a well-informed decision of choosing any one of the following. So let’s start with the first one on the list.

1. MindMeister

The first one on the list is MindMeister. There is a reason why we have put this at the top of the list. It is very versatile and user-friendly. It is really good for users too. They are a relatively new software but it works well and soon enough has reached the top spot on the list.

Key Features

  • Brainstorming mode.
  • Project and task management are good.
  • The presentation is great.

Price – They have 3 different pricing models.

2. XMind

XMind is something that we were referred to by a friend but it is very good as we have come to discover. If you are looking for good mind mapping software out then this is it. It is really user-friendly and the interface is very cool too. There are a lot of tools that you can use which come along with the software.

Key Features

  • ZEN mode.
  • Snowbrush 2.0 engine.
  • Several themes are available.
  • Dark Mode UI.
  • Brainstorming
  • Various templates are available.

Price – Free trial available but different paid versions are also there.

3. Mindomo

Mindomo is one of the greatest mind mapping software out there. It is a mind mapping tool that can be used to create concept maps, collaborate, create outlines manage tasks and projects, and more. You should definitely give this a try out if not anything else. Many people use it all over the world.

Key Features

  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Custom themes.
  • Sound recording.

Price – Free and a paid version is also available.

4. LucidChart

LucidChart is the next on the list and it has a well-deserved place on the list. It is a  really cool mind mapping software and it is really useful too. It has some of the greatest features that you will definitely benefit from in the mind mapping process.

Key Features

  • Keyboard shortcuts are present.
  • Presentation mode.
  • Group chat option.
  • AWS import.
  • Enterprise-level security.

Price – 4 tiers of the paid version.

5. Cacoo

Cacoo is a personal favorite to be completely honest with you guys. This has been created by a company called Nulab. It is a Japanese company. And if you know anything about Japanese guys, they take their work very seriously. Thus the software that they have created is also very useful and is used by 2 million people across the world.

Key Features

  • Beautiful mindmaps can be created.
  • Multi-user editing.
  • Revision history management.
  • Notifications for any activity.

Price – They offer different user packages.

6. MindMup

MindMup is also a good software. It is nothing too extraordinary from the others that we have stated on the list but sometimes simple is all you need. So you should check it out with the others just for the sake of it.

Key Features

  • Creates mind maps online and on the go.
  • Attaches notes.
  • Insert imaged.

Price – A free version along with 3 different paid versions is available to choose from.

7. Canva

Canva is the last one on the list and it is really very good for mind mapping software. You should not neglect it just because it is at the end of the list. This one also has some cool features to offer.

Key Features

  • Built-in graph and diagram templates.
  • Download and print option available.
  • Complete photo editing suite.
  • Presentation, infographic, and charts.

Price – There is a free version as well as several paid versions.


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