Microsoft Hires Former Amazon Cloud Executive Charlie Bell

Microsoft has made a big move today. They have been scouting him for some time but the deal was struck and it was made official as of today. They have taken the step of hiring an ex-Amazon cloud executive. If you have been taking a track on the news then you know who it is. Yes, of course, it is none other than Charlie Bell, who quit Amazon a few days back. He has been hired as a corporate vice president. The news had already been confirmed.

The move represents a victory for Microsoft. Therefore it is very important to report. The Tech companies are rivals of each other and therefore this means a lot when a chief executive leaves one company to join the other. Microsoft and Amazon had always been kind of rivals for each other so what does this move mean to them?

Microsoft Hires Former Amazon Cloud Executive Charlie Bell

Bell has been recently considered as a candidate who will eventually be taking the place as the head of AWS. However, he was not given a positive position and the people at  Amazon chose Andy Jassy to take the place and then rule all of Amazon after Jeff Bezos retired from the positive position.

Bell was not any mere common worker as you can obviously tell, he was considered to be one of Amazon’s S-team of top leaders. He had a lot of responsibility and played a vital part in the role of making the company thrive. However, he quite recently left the company after his long tenure of working there. No reason was given for this resignation.

Now that he had done this by joining the rival team, there had been a few sparks flying and a few tension among the two companies. It is however not clear yet that what Bell will be doing in Microsoft. We do not know anything for sure. He however has been listed under the organization of Kathleen Hogan.

Now if you are wondering who that is, we will tell you. Kathleen is an executive vice president and Microsoft’s chief human resources office. What comes next is yet to be seen. We will keep on giving you updates about this matter.