How To Fix Mac Microphone Not Working

The MAC is a nickname phased by APPLE (mainly known as Macintosh) belongs to the concatenation of personal computers or MacBook’s which is outlined, manufactured, and merchandised by Apple. Mac is well known for its outstanding operating system and for its very high-quality internal and external (software and hardware) unification.

Customers rated Apple’s product and is ranked 1st in product quality score against its competitors. Although there are various competitors in the market Apple is one of the competitors leading the market for decades for its premium quality.

Despite the exceptional features and accomplished software and hardware, there are some matters which may fret the users. One such matter comprises is that the Mac microphone is not working in computers or MacBook’s. The microphone either works only for some application and does not work at all sometimes or works meagerly without any assurance.


Mac’s Microphone Is Not Working?

There are certain causes behind this.

  • Microphone internal volume is low.
  • Lack of sound transmission.
  • The outdated driver will not enable to use of microphones to its capability.
  • Defaults in setting obstruct mac device and which is required resetting.
  • Incorrect installation
  • Multiple interferences of third-party applications.
  • Applicable permission is required to be allowed if not allowed.
  • The soundless background is a feature of MacBook’s but sometimes works inaccurate and causes voice to be cut off usually.
  • Connection and use of various other kinds of microphones may cause discrepancies.
  • If the microphone is damaged physically, you may not able to use it and you can take it to the technician of Apple.

    Mac Microphone Not Working

In this post, you will be amazed to see all the matters and its reason which might take place to bring about not working of Mac’s microphone and what can let you fix it. Here you may follow the solutions from the starting to the last and do works down appropriately.

There are checklists for checking the level of causes that are tough and their functionality, adequacy. Additionally, before proceeding again and again you are required to turn off the computer or laptop to ensure your configurations are appropriately reset.

Solution 1: Checking Applications Permissions

There is a chance that mac microphone sound or voice is not transmitting appropriately then you are required to make sure that an application you use the microphone has permission to do so.

This will likely be the cause of the microphone appearing to work in some places like withinSystem preferences”, you can give the applications permission to use the microphone within system preferences. Try and figure out exactly what permissions you are going to add or change as this will make things easier.

Step 1: The first method Go to the settings at the top left side of the screen and then navigate to system preference. Now select Security and Privacy

Step 2: After getting access in Privacy Settings, look at the left side of the navigation pane select microphone then on the right side you will see many applications which may be granted to access your microphone.

Step 3: As you can check out here the troublesome application which were unchecked or caused problems and grant permissions as per your liking. Save such changes you made to it and close. Now reboot the application and check the issue of the microphone is fixed.

Solution 2: Checking Application Input Level

For checking your microphone at first you must ensure that your microphones settings are set to accurate configurations. Microphone setting grants users to interchange input level and another sound level as well and each application has its own sound or voice level.

There are some settings to input level such as Voice Activity or Push to talk which users may survey themselves and fix the microphone as per their preferences. Now move on and reboot the application before doing it make sure settings are set correctly.

Solution 3: Adjusting Input Volume

You are required to make sure that whether your microphone input volume system in your mac laptop or computer is enabled it. The Input level system gives a signal to the computer or laptop to transmit the sound or voice levels. For instance, if you adjust the very high input level of voice it might get a very booming voice and cause you disturbance to listen or if you adjust the input level of voice too low it might get your voice unclear or misrepresented.

To enjoy with your Mac, microphone it’s vital to set the correct balance of input volume. Here in this solution, you need to do is first select Mac settings and set the input volume so the excellent sound is transmitted.

Step 1: Go to the Settings at the top left side of the screen and then open System Preference select Sound effects. Now from the top bar navigate to Input and then click on Internal Microphone.

Step 2: You may increase or decrease volume by Selecting Input volume slide towards left or right and save the changes. Now move on, check whether your problem is sorted or not, you may again fix the input volume as per your preference gradually by increasing or decreasing the slide.

Solution 4: Disabling Ambient Noise Reduction

In a mac computer, there is a system of resounding and decreasing the ambient noise. Generally, In the mac computers, ambient noise reduction is enabled by default and it’s very convenient to users but every so often user reports difficulty with their microphone’s usual noise input where it either gets faint or often refuses to be transmitted.

In this solution, we will disable the noise by selecting sound settings.

Step 1: Go to the settings at the top left side of the screen and then navigate to system preference, then select Sound. Now from the top bar select Input and then click on Internal Microphone.

Step 2: Now click on uncheck box option of Use ambient noise reduction. You may disconnect other microphones connections by selecting another microphone connection and can disable it. Now Save the changes and move on and check out whether your microphones is working as you desire.

Solution 5: Turning on Dictation

There are various features of dictation in mac computers that covert the voice into text anytime and it’s useful in various fields of work. Although this feature is not related to fixing the microphone but enabling dictation in the computer may cause to download of any particular audio drivers and this can fix the microphone not working state. Then automatically drivers are downloaded and installed. Herein solution as we did in the earlier.

Step 1: Go to the settings at the top left side of the screen and then navigate to System Preference, select. Now in the keyboard setting select the Dictation option from the top bar and turn on the feature and click on Use Enhanced Dictation.

Step 2: Now Save the changes and your mac computer will start installing the drivers automatically. After it is downloaded and installed make sure to save the changes and then move on.

Now reboot your system and check out if your issue is settled.

Solution 6: Disconnecting Third-Party Peripherals

If you are still not able to fix your microphone from all the above solutions then you are requiring check again whether there is an issue of any third-party peripheral’s connection with your mac computer because of which it might not be working.

Peripheral comprises of any auxiliary microphones or headphones and may also keyboard and mouse. What you need to do is now, disconnect all third-party peripherals connections and reboot your system and then check whether your microphone is fixed or not and resolve your problem quickly.

Solution 7:  Creating a New User Account

If above all solutions do not resolve your problem to fix your microphone all you need do is create a new user account which will help you to detect the problem and help you to check whether your microphone has any physical issue or not.

Usually, the user account in Mac computer does not have any issues and solve your problem by using the solutions given below. You may move your data to this account.

LOpen System Preferences and then select User & Groups. Now after clicking on User & Group a new window will pop up. Now add necessary details then click on Create User.

Step 2: Now it’s vital that you logout of your computer, then reboot your system, and login to the new account. Check whether your microphone issue is resolved or not.

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Solution 8: Checking For Physical Damage/Obstructions

If the above solutions do not work, there is the possibility that your mac microphone might be physically damaged or it might not work if it’s physically obliterated. And then it would be best you take it to an Apple Technician to get it looked into. We have found various use cases as to how we can fix if the Mac microphone is not working and its causes of the operating system do not pick the input.


Herein, you should make sure that your Mac computer is checked by an authenticated technician. If in case you’re left with a warranty then go-to the Apple store. Before that, you may launch Apple’s Support Website and communicate with the Apple support and service group. They will guide you and examine your computer duly.