Men’s 10m Platform Diving Olympics 2021

Chinese diver Cao Yuan clinched a gold medal in the men’s 10m platform event at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday with a score of 582.35, capping off a faultless competition for the Chinese diving team.

Teammate Yang Jian of China scored 580.40 points, putting him in second place, just behind Tom Daley of Britain (548.25 points).

Men's 10m Platform Diving Olympics 2021


Men’s 10m Platform Diving Olympics 2021: Chinese Diver Cao Yuan Clinched a Gold Medal

Daley previously won the men’s synchronised 10m platform with his partner Matthew Lee, beating out Cao/Chen Aisen in the process. Consequently, Daley was a serious threat to Cao and Yang at the final Tokyo diving competition.

Cao got the competition off to a great start on Saturday, scoring 102 points for a dive that ended in a reverse 3 and a half somersault (307C). The next two highest scorers were Daley (98.60) and Yang (90.10).

Cao dropped to third place when his second dive, an inside 3-and-a-half somersault (407C), was only scored 81.60 points. Daley took advantage of his error and eventually came out on top by repeating the identical play for 91.20 points.

Yang scored 94.50 out of a possible 100 by completing the same technique but beginning in the pick position rather than the tuck position.

Daley’s forward 3 1/2 somersaults and 1 twist were for 91.80 points, extending his lead (5172B). Cao began his third dive from scratch and finished a back 3 and a half somersault (207B), earning a score of 92.20 and moving him into second place, behind only Daley by 0.80 points.

Cao kept up his quest, performing a series of moves that were scored 97.20, 101.75, and 102.60 points respectively: an armstand back double somersault with 2 12 twists (6245D), 4 12 somersaults forward with 1 12 twists (5255B), and 4 12 somersaults back with 1 12 twists (5255B). On the fourth dive, Cao regained the lead and never relinquished it.

Individual 10 Metre Platform

Saturday, Cao Yuan of China won the gold medal in the individual 10 metre platform dive at the Olympics, and Yang Jian of China won silver.

China has Won Seven of the Eight Diving Events

China has won seven of the eight diving events at the Tokyo Games, making that one the only one they didn’t take home gold in.

Cao and Yang dominated the 10m platform competition throughout, placing first and second, respectively, in both the qualifying round and the semifinals.

However, Daley fought valiantly, taking the lead twice out of the final’s six rounds before falling to third place.

Last Words

After winning the 3m springboard event in Rio and the 10m synchronised event in London, 26-year-old Cao became the first athlete to win gold in all three diving disciplines. Thanks for reading our article Men’s 10m Platform Diving Olympics 2021.