The MCAT may be a difficult exam to prepare for. You must not only acquire or re-learn a mountain of information, but you must also learn how to apply that information in exam-like situations. Taking MCAT practice exams can provide you with the hands-on experience you need to become comfortable with the MCAT’s tempo and question types, as well as the material.

Princeton Review MCAT Practice Test Bundle

The Princeton Review MCAT practice exams provide you with lots of opportunities to practice. I discovered that these practice possibilities were far more extensive than those offered by AAMC.

Princeton Review MCAT Practice Test

With each MCAT practice exam, I was able to establish a benchmark for my development and then begin pacing myself. Three course-specific examinations are included in the Princeton Review MCAT package, as well as five tests from the award-winning Random House Series. These eight full-length MCAT preparation exams were comprehensive and demanding in total.

Kaplan MCAT Practice Test Bundle

Kaplan is a test prep powerhouse, and the MCAT is no exception. This firm provides examinations as part of its full MCAT prep program or on an ad hoc basis.

The Kaplan MCAT exams are designed to discover your strengths and shortcomings, allowing you to understand where you are and what you need to improve on. Sequential assessments build on existing knowledge, enhancing your MCAT preparedness.

Everyone may take a free full-length practice exam from Kaplan. It implies that before spending on additional examinations, you may take a free MCAT practice test.

Kaplan’s question bank adjusts to your needs, allowing you to focus on weak areas while raising the complexity of questions as you progress.

Blueprint MCAT Practice Test Bundle

You may pick from a number of practice exams as well as six months of access to the full-length MCAT practice tests with the Blueprint MCAT practice test bundle. Blueprint provides MCAT practice test bundles of 4, 6, and 10 questions, with the option of choosing between standard-length MCAT practice exams or a shorter style available in 2020.

Blueprint MCAT Practice Test

All MCAT practice test bundles include access to the entire MCAT QBank, which includes detailed explanations for all questions. A study planner tool, detailed test performance analytics, a half-length diagnostic, five tries for each MCAT practice exam, and six months of platform access are included in all MCAT test prep bundles.

Gold Standard MCAT Practice Test Bundle

This best MCAT practice test package is very exceptional. This MCAT prep package includes full-length MCAT practice exams in AAMC format that corresponds to the MCAT exam’s difficulty level and question balance. These MCAT practice exams used virtual reality to provide me with fast access and entirely online MCAT preparation alternatives.

I was given raw results that were quickly transformed to scaled values after taking the MCAT practice exams. A multimedia background was used to accompany the full study, which featured useful explanations and solutions.

Altius MCAT Practice Test Bundle

Altius provides a free MCAT practice exam with diagnostic tools that might be quite useful.

This practice exam is a good place to start since it tells pupils where they are before they go on. Altius, on the other hand, offers full-length MCAT practice exams in a variety of bundles at a reasonable price. These examinations are a bit of a mixed bag, with some outstanding questions and some not so much.


ExamKrackers sells exams individually as well as in a package at a discount.

The exams aren’t perfect, however, they feature some interesting experimental questions and sections. As a result, your critical analytical abilities are given a high rating.


Their queries are frequently answered directly from their textbooks. This isn’t a problem if you’ve merely purchased their practice examinations, but it might be inconvenient if you’re utilizing their texts as study materials and need a new approach to a problem.

Final Verdict: Preparing for MCAT

Researching the top MCAT prep classes and practice tests is the first step in preparing for the MCAT. Begin by perusing the five MCAT practice test packs available utilizing this thorough reference guide.

When it comes to MCAT practice exams, you have a lot of options, so completing your homework is crucial. I’ve discovered that having access to genuine MCAT practice exams has aided in strengthening my study abilities, planning, and timing, as well as my comprehension of MCAT exam themes.

When studying for the MCAT exam, it’s also critical to set goals for yourself and construct a study strategy. To be honest, it’s possible that this is more essential than everything else. It’s critical to assess your test scores and discover your strengths and shortcomings in addition to taking MCAT practice tests.

Once you have a good understanding of your strengths, material areas, and question styles, set aside time to concentrate on each weakness separately. Despite the fact that you may be balancing a demanding course load, employment, and family obligations, the more time you devote to preparing for the MCAT exam and taking the finest MCAT practice tests, the higher your MCAT score and the more prepared you will be for medical school.

Prepare for a last dry run after you’ve put in the time and effort to study and take MCAT practice examinations. Take a full-length thorough MCAT practice test a few days prior to your MCAT exam, then analyze your scores and missed issues. This will allow you to assess your readiness and highlight any extra study areas you need to concentrate on, such as scheduling, question kinds, or topics.