Marie Antoinette Syndrome

A condition known as Marie Antoinette Syndrome causes hair to turn completely white in a matter of hours. Before her execution in 1973, Marie Antoinette’s hair suddenly turned white, giving rise to the story of this product’s name.

Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine reviews reveal that Talmud, a seventeen-year-old Jewish scholar, worked so hard on his studies that his hair turned white.

Alopecia areata, a condition that causes hair follicles to fall out in clumps, is a condition that causes hair to fall out in clumps.


It has yet to be proven that hair can turn white in such a short period of time, as some historical events have been reported to have done.


What’s the Evidence?

Despite the fact that this particular anecdote about hair suddenly turning white is not accepted as fact, there are others from the past that do. On top of everything else, a man named Thomas suddenly had his hair turn white just before his execution.

The Archives of Dermatology have published a review of World War II bombing survivors who had their hair colour suddenly change. No medical professional has ever seen a case like the ones described in the literature. Its foundation can be attributed to psychological factors.

Studies and researches have been done to disprove this theory. Writers in the medical field stress that there is no quick way to go from brown to blonde hair.

A scientific study has not yet proven this particular condition, but other conditions may be linked to it.

Similar Phenomena’s Root Causes

Autoimmune disorders, which alter the way cells respond, are thought to be the cause of such situations. The body begins to attack its own cells as a form of self-defense. It first affects the darker hair, eventually resulting in a bald patch.

The immune system and the stress hormone cortisol aren’t responsible for stress-induced hair thinning, but research shows that stress still causes the hair to lose its pigmentation.

Research concluded that “over-activation of the sympathetic nervous system led to the suppression of stem cell activity and pigment production in hair”.  The following conditions can be used as a foundation to describe this syndrome.

1. Alopecia areata

Patches of hair loss can occur as a result of the disease’s symptoms. Pattern baldness is thought to be caused by inflammation, which causes hair to fall out.

In some cases, hair loss is more than just an increase in the amount of new hair; it can also amplify the appearance of existing white hair. This creates the illusion that someone’s hair has suddenly started to whiten.

While it is possible to conceal hair that has turned white, there is no way to stop the process once it has begun.

2. Inheritance

IRF4, a gene that determines hair colour, is responsible for this. Genetics can play a role in premature greying of the hair, as can other environmental factors. This can make it even more difficult to treat the hair’s greying.

3. Changes in Hormonal Levels

Thyroid problems, for example, can cause hormonal imbalances. Gray hair can be caused by a decrease in testosterone levels or the onset of menopause in women. The premature loss of hair colour can be caused by an imbalance in hormone levels.

4. Hair That Is Naturally Darker

Hair that is naturally darker can be made more noticeable by lightening it. Both light and dark hair gradually whiten, but the degree to which this occurs is determined by the individual’s natural hair colour. Hair ageing and greying are unavoidable, but they can be disguised with a variety of cosmetic procedures.

5. Deficits in Food and Water

A lack of vitamins and minerals, particularly B-12, can lead to hair greying. It’s best to seek advice from a nutritionist in these situations if you want to keep your natural hair colour. Performing periodic tests to identify potential nutritional issues is an option.

6. Vitiligo

We’ve all heard of vitiligo, a condition in which the skin loses its pigment and develops white patches. Hair can sometimes become white or grey as a result of this condition. It’s not something you see every day. Corticosteroids and light therapy can help reduce some of this depigmentation.

Why Is This Happening To Me?

Hair greying can’t just happen for no reason at all. There has to be some underlying process and scientific explanation for this.

It has been shown that Marie Antoinette syndrome is the cause of this sudden change in hair colour, as in the cases of the queen and Thomas when they were about to be executed.

There must be an underlying event that causes chronic stress to cause hair loss and hair discoloration.

Consult a physician when:

It’s not a big deal if you lose your hair colour. Medical professionals should be consulted if the condition is accompanied by other symptoms such as baldness or skin irritation. In order to detect and treat any nutritional deficiencies as quickly as possible, blood tests must also be performed.


People tend to believe legends and stories about historical events, despite the fact that no studies have demonstrated this. Efforts are still being made to uncover the underlying causes and issues that have led to this.