12 Best Alternatives To ‘MangaStream’ For Reading Manga Online

MangaStream was the site providing high-quality manga comics, which is the soul of many comic readers all over the world. People still prefer comics in the era of the Digital world. MangaStream was acting like an intermediate between comics and comic readers.

Best MangaStream Alternatives

But MangaStream is not available, and all its tweets are deleted. They have not mentioned the reason for the shutdown of this website. It may probably be due to the pressure by its owner. But officially, no information is being provided for the shutdown.

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12 Best MangaStream to Alternatives

Comic lovers can’t just rely upon MangaStream and break the tie with comics. Comic readers can’t be satisfied with anything else; rather, they need comics for their mental and emotional development. Therefore, there are alternative sites available like MangaStream to fulfill the craving and satisfaction of Readers.

1. MangaReader

Comic readers can easily get access to this site and can read manga scans and scanlations for free. The very feature of this site is to provide 1000s of free English manga scans to the audience. It is the Japanese comics and available to everyone.

The website updates all the comics regularly. It takes you to the world of otaku. All the popular Manga such as one Punch Man (179), Shingeki no kyojin (128) One-piece (977) & The Gamer (323) are available with recent updates.

2. MangaFreak

It is also one of the websites providing free manga comics for readers. It provides one piece, one Punch man, Shingeki no Kyojin & lots of other popular Manga. Also, it is available on Twitter as @mangafreak5.

Manga freak has a black theme with various action, Adventurous, fantasy, mystery & Romantic comics, which attracts the reader to read more comics. It is having the proper description of the comic to have effective graphic design to attract the reader & reduce their boredom.

3. MangaTown

This website provides hundreds of high-quality free Manga to the readers like Naruto manga, bleach manga. The feature which differentiates this website from others is that this website provides all Manga in alphabetical order, which helps the reader to revisit the site.

This website updates all the manga/ manhwa series daily. The site provides varieties of newly released Manga, hot Manga, romantic Manga, Shounen Manga, Seinen Manga, Shoujo Manga.

4. KissManga

The graphics and pictures of this site are effective as a result of which readers are more attracted to it. It provides the rating of Manga when the Manga is updated (date), its recent chapters & so on.

It let the reader know about the quality and popularity of Manga through rating as Solo Auto Hunting is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, Gu Daoist Master 4.4 out of 5 stars, The Hunter 3.8 out of 5 stars. They even focus on the legal aspects.

Before the content is uploaded, they thoroughly make sure that it complies with the copyright policy. It also provides detail so that clients may contact if they are having complaints about the context hosted. Ultimately It is said to be customer-oriented.

Comic readers can even read novels on this website. Manga readers can also join their discord server by installing the “Discord – Friends, community & Gaming” app.

5. MangaFox

It is made available by the community site. It provides information about how many readers have viewed the Manga, time of the updated chapter, updated three chapters are being shown.

The 450 readers have viewed the song of the theater while wooing me. 1.5K viewed the property have viewed, Hissatsu! Paipai Talk by 1.6K, To be you, even just for a day by 778 readers. It provides various kinds of Manga.

There are forty-one categories of Manga, such as Romance, school life, fantasy, supernatural, adventure.

It even provides Manga of categories such as cooking, martial arts, sports, Gender bender, adult, medical & other thirty more categories. Readers can also search Manga through using alphabets.  They have reserved all rights and follows the policy of copyright.

6. Comixology

Comixology is based on New York City, with the operation in Seattle & Los Angeles and introduced by Amazon Company. They have content from over 125 publishers & thousands of independent creators.

It provides paid & free Manga and a discount are also provided. It offers new comics, essential graphic novels, best of superheroes, family-friendly reads, featured, Comixology original, Marvel Comics, and Manga from D.C.

Some free comics are James Bond 07, the walking Dead, Bellboy, Stray Bullets 1, Agent 47 Birth of the Hitman. Any reader can contact with service questions, partnership proposals, report bugs and errors, submission, or just to say hello.

Comixology is also available on Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr. Readers can buy eGift cards from $10 to $500 or set their gift value. It will be delivered by email & are redeemable on thousands of books at comixology.com and have no hidden fees or expiration dates. Comixology also provides jobs related to comics and spreads the love of comics.

7. MangareBorn

It is the translation site intended for users with U.S., Japan & Asian regions and doesn’t offer their service to the user residing in outside areas.

To use the wide selection of Manga, one needs to purchase reborn coins. The website translates the text easily as per the need. You can share the comics with friends too.

The tagline if this site is countering Bad vibration with good ones. It aims to spread undiscovered Manga around the globe. Readers can chat with other members to get information about unknown titles or characters.

8. Manga Panda

This website also provides Manga just like MangaStream. Readers can bookmark any comic and can read later on. It collects all completed Manga in one place so that readers could easily get access to it. The popular Manga in Manga Panda are Tales of Demon & Gods, The Gamer, Kingdom, Mousou Telepathy, 19 Days, Lookism, The God of High School, Holy Ancestor.

The author’s name, genre, its status & latest chapter is also mentioned. Such as Title of comics – Fushigi Meko no kyuu – chan, author – Nitori Sasami, Genre – Comedy, Seinen, a slice of life, Status – Ongoing and Title if comic – Peach milk crown, Genre – Comedy, Drama, Romance, school life, Seinen, Sports, Status – Ongoing.

9. Mangaeden

This is the free website available for manga readers. The readers have to register themselves, and then they can avail of the facilities easily. There is more than 9400 manga for free. You can search Manga through alphabets. This site has taken care of legal aspects.

The copyright and trademark for the Manga & other promotional materials are held by their respective owner & their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the copyright. This site also provides the facility of advertisement. Anyone can contact them by sending mail to them. It also accepts the submission of the Manga by users, but that should be the original work of the author.

10. Viz Media

Viz Media, the publishing company of America. They publish Manga, distribute anime, and provide other entertainment sources. It is one of the most innovative manga websites. They provide jobs and Internships too.

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Readers or users can request customer service. We can contact the company to submit a donation request for our event. Also, we can submit a viewing permission (screening) request for a VIZ Media title and press inquiries.

Users can also watch new series, classic favorites, and everything in between. Such as Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto, One Punch Man, Sailor Moon, Death Note, Bleach, Set 6, Hunter X Hunter, Set 7. The users can also download digital seasons, episodes such as Ranma ½, Berserk: The Golden Age Arc.

11. Mangakakalot

They provide free Manga online and provides a unique storytelling style. A huge amount of material is available, which makes this site different from others.

Most Popular Manga are Martial Perk Chapter – 522, The Hunter – Chapter 131, The mythical Realm Chapter 199.2, Gleipur – Volume 8, Chapter – 53, Metropolitan Super macy system – Chapter – 118, Pupillary master Chapter – 45.3, Metropolitan City’s Ying Yang Miracle Doctor, Her and his weekend.

12. Read Comic Online

This website provides free comics online in high quality, and can download comics for free. Readers can also read free D.C. & marvel comics online.

It also provides one to two sentence description to increase the curiosity level of readers such as Dracula v. King Author, genres: Action, Fantasy, description: 4 part mini-series, Lucifer sent Dracula back in time to face off against King Arthur.

Other popular comics available are All new underground comix, 365 samurai & as few bowls of rice, Halcyon, Cain, wilderness, Franklin Richards: Happy Frank’s giving!

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These are the twelve alternative sites that help the comic reader satisfy and meet their craving to read comics and novels. Every site aims to provide comics and spread the love of comics. MangaStream offers high-quality Manga and satisfies readers. However, the sudden shutdown disappointed the readers. These top twelve sites patch up the loss of the reader.