M. Santiago Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Skateboarding celebrity M. Santiago is on the other end of the video call if you go by his big grin, missing teeth, blue hair, and contagious good mood.


M. Santiago Olympic Games

After Monica Puig made history on the tennis court at Rio 2016, the pride of Puerto Rican skating is poised to represent her country in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, where she may become only the second Boricua to win gold.

M. Santiago Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

M. Santiago, at the ripe old age of 35, has qualified to compete in the Olympic debut of skateboarding in Tokyo.

M. Santiago Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: Win Gold

Skateboarder M. Santiago wished only to skate and do what he liked as a child in Puerto Rico and Massachusetts. M. Santiago and the other top skateboarders may have a shot at Olympic glory in 2020, when the sport makes its debut in Tokyo.

M. Santiago tells, “It’s lovely and exciting to me, a fantastic opportunity for the world to see skateboarding for what it really is.” “The opportunity to compete in such a prestigious event and, who knows, maybe become only the second Puerto Rican with a gold medal, fires my competitive fire to the fullest.”

M. Santiago, who has been skating since he was a kid, is psyched about the Olympics because he believes they will bring skateboarding to a new audience.

With any luck, M. Santiago believes, “it will assist the sport in general and for kids who skate everywhere to be treated more seriously.” A child’s desire to pursue a career in skateboarding may now be seen in a different light by his or her parents.

This has the potential to significantly improve its reputation among parents. What a thrilling prospect!

M. Santiago Biography

On September 10, 1985, M. Santiago entered the world. A Puerto Rican skateboarder, he won the inaugural Street League Skateboarding Select Series Championship and was awarded the 2011 Dew Tour Alli Sport’s Ball Park Rookie of the Year.

He started the M. Santiago All brand and has received sponsorship from brands like Ecko Unlimited. He shared an apartment with pro skateboarder Chaz Ortiz.

He was born and raised in Lowell, Massachusetts, and picked up skating at the age of 14. He first came to widespread prominence after he won the Damn AM Contest in 2006.

It says he’s one of the most famous skateboarders on Popular Bio. On the roster of notable persons who were born on September 10, 1985, he occupies a high position.

One of the wealthiest skateboarders in the world, he was born in Puerto Rico. He’s also one of the most well-known skateboarders of all time. At 33 years of age, M. Santiago is among the oldest celebrities in our system.

Date of Birth, Height, and Weight

At present, M. Santiago is 33 years old. Neither M. Santiago height nor his weight have been officially confirmed. Body fat percentage, dress size, and shoe size are all on the way to being updated.

With whom is M. Santiago Paired Off?

M. Santiago does not discuss his personal life or romantic relationships with the media. We will be adding new relationship information to this page on a regular basis, so please check back soon.

A person is said to be “dating” when they are in the “dating” phase of their lives, during which they are trying to form romantic relationships with other people.

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