M. Duran Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The top-ranked female street skateboarder in the United States recently spoke with Tokyo 2020 ahead of the Olympic debut of her sport. Conversations centred on her family, her willingness to take risks, her native New Mexico, and the lightning-fast pace of the Olympics.


Who is M. Duran?

M. Duran decided to stop playing basketball, softball, and track & field in her final year of high school. A normal child could have seen this as a major warning sign.

M. Duran Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

No, there’s no cause for alarm. Duran is not your typical band.

Leaving those sports behind at the age of 24, when she was already the best female street skateboarder in the United States, was a brave step toward a broader world and, in a way no one saw coming, the Olympic Games.

M. Duran Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Duran joked in an interview with Tokyo 2020 that her mother “wasn’t that pumped on skateboarding” at first. Her two brothers were sitting in the car with her as they drove home from a skate session in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She remarked, “Damn, wow – why you had’ chose the craziest sport?”

M. Duran In case you were wondering, my name is Mariah Duran. I was born and raised in Albuquerque. Plus, I’ve made a living skating professionally for a while now. What a crazy trip it has been to get to the Olympics. This is, after all, the inaugural Olympic year for skateboarding.

The bulk of my training consists of logging as many hours as I can on the board to boost my self-assurance. Off-board training with a couple of my trainers to help prevent injuries. As for the rest, it’s mostly about maintaining concentration, enthusiasm, and enjoyment. For me, that’s the key to success.

Skateboarding since he was 10 years old, Albuquerque, New Mexico native Duran was one of 12 competitors chosen to represent Team USA in the sport’s inaugural games. Duran, now 24 years old, will always be grateful for her first Olympic opportunity, even though she did not win a medal in the women’s street skate event.

Last Words

Skating in the Olympics is “such an honour,” Duran posted on Instagram on Saturday. “Things didn’t go as planned, but I showed everyone what it’s like to pick yourself up and keep going no matter what happens.

And for me, this is just the beginning.” Thanks for reading our article M. Duran Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.