M. De Jesus Dos Santos Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

To start, let’s have some healthy rivalry. Since the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, M. De Jesus Dos Santos has not competed internationally.

However, she will be competing in the Internationaux de France, which is part of the World Challenge Cup series, on September 24 and 25 at the Bercy Arena, the Olympic venue for the Paris 2024 artistic gymnastics competition.

M. De Jesus Dos Santos Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


M. De Jesus Dos Santos Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

While M. De Jesus Dos Santos relocated to the United States last May, this move marks his return to his native France.

She has been working with Simone Biles’ instructors Cecile and Laurent Landi since 2017, and now trains at the facility owned by Biles’ family in Texas.

Moving abroad was driven by the twin goals of improving one’s chances of medaling in the home games and satisfying a need for novelty.

That was the first time I’d ever felt so much pressure, but I believe it was due to the high standards set for both my team and me. I just couldn’t take it.

The Games brought forth a level of stress in me that I had never experienced before; perhaps this contributed to my lacklustre performance.

A short time later, she received an invitation from Biles to join the Gold Over America Tour, on which she would perform alongside the four-time Olympic champion. She followed her interest for nearly two months, visiting roughly thirty-five cities in the US, without setting any sort of medal-related goal for herself.

Last Words

This allowed me to relax and take pleasure in gymnastics. Simply put, it’s unusual to have as much fun as I had on the Tour.

While [all year long] we are in a competitive state of mind, while we are on the Tour we play to the crowd and don’t take ourselves too seriously. I never knew how much this experience would help me appreciate gymnastics.