L. Martens Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

L. Martens, born on December 16, 1992, is a professional football player for Paris Saint-Germain of the French Division 1 Féminine and the Netherlands national team.

When L. Martens first entered the professional league, she played for teams in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.

Lieke Elisabeth Petronella Martens Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


L. Martens Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

All of which were convenient to her home in nearby Bergen, Limburg. L. Martens shot to fame in 2015 when she scored the Netherlands’ first goal in Women’s World Cup history, beating New Zealand.

L. Martens’ play for FC Rosengrd in Sweden in 2016 caught the eye of FC Barcelona, who signed her the following year.

L. Martens played for the Netherlands at the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 just weeks after her transfer to FC Barcelona was finalised.

When the Netherlands women’s national team won the European Championship that year, she was a big reason why.

She was named tournament MVP and went on to win the Best FIFA Women’s Player and UEFA Women’s Player of the Year awards for 2017.

L. Martens is a Hard-Working Woman

Effortless and fearless, a hardworking woman can do anything. A female version of L. Martens, a Dutch footballer, exists in the minds of all women who hope to establish a name for themselves in the sport.

She plays for FC Barcelona Femeni in the midfield. She’s also been on the field with the Dutch women’s national team. L. Martens won the 2017 Women’s Player of the Year awards from both UEFA and FIFA.

The Fight of Being a Female

Many people spoke hurtful things to L. Martens. Before every game, the girl on the field would be questioned. Most people assumed she would be a terrible player.

L. Martens also acknowledges the fact that a male body is considerably more robust than a feminine one.

L. Martens couldn’t keep up with the boys that played with her in terms of speed. Seeing a young girl playing catch with the guys was a novelty for the locals. Some audience members were wary about seeing her perform.

But L. Martens is happy that she was able to play with the boys up until she was 16 years old. She thinks she wouldn’t be as skilled as she is now if she hadn’t spent so much time playing with the boys.


On December 16, 1992, L. Martens entered the world in Bergen, a city in the northern Dutch province of Limburg.

She and her brothers, Jelle and Sjoerd, used to spend hours playing football in the garden. After joining the local club RKVV Montagnards when he was five years old, L. Martens quickly became a star player.

When she was thirteen, she followed the advice of then national-team coach Vera Pauw and joined the Boxmeer club Olympia ’18 [nl], where she played on teams comprised entirely of guys.

From 2008 to 2009, she was a student at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam before transferring to SC Heerenveen. Thanks for reading our article L. Martens Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.